Prehacked PCBs

CLOSED FOR NEW ORDERS. you can order anything below until july 29th. After that, I’ll be leaving so it’s too late.

Currently I have:

1 x no analog hacked first party PSX PCB - 20 shipped
1 x all digital GC pad with .110 QDs – 22 shipped
1 x wii VC digital pad – 35 shipped
1 x hacked agetec PCB – 30 shipped
1 x hacked dreamcast controller (with laggy triggers) - 10 shipped D:

Add QDs +2, Add grounds +2.

please send all inquiries to chippermonky at gmail dot com. My PM box is getting much too flooded.

The Agetec… mm for Dreamcast right? :B Well, I would love to have it… please PM me with details… I’m from Chile :smiley:

ultra pm sent

shoo, PM not recieved to the max.

pm sent

bump, I know a lot of ppl wanted these.

was it shipped today?

or tomorrow mr monky D:

bump, shipping today shoo.

bump, I just got some solid core wire so I can hack the dualshocks. They will be 25 shipped, 29 if you want grounds and QDs

got mine today :tup:

got more D:?

yes, I have a lot more…

back from orientation. Back in business… i’m pretty much out of QDs though.

Prolly within a week I’ll be looking for a hacked dual shock… I’ll keep in touch with ya.

mrBuster: i’ll get one ready for you :).

Acer1236: yours is done. You should get it around monday.

mizuki: I sent both your pads out. you should have recieved them already.

USMC Jaguar: I think I have one for you. It’ll be 26 shipped I can ship whenever.

coffeeanon: i’m waiting on your reply.

Will you be hacking xbox360 pcbs in the near future by any chance?

chippermonky - Is PayPal alright for payment? If so, please PM me your account info. Thanks!

E-mail sent.

what size QD are you using?

do you have any 5 pin you can wire up to pads?

Hi Chipper,

Did you get my email? I’d love to get a dual shock PCB off of you.

I have both so I can do either. Are you talking about the 5 pin connector that hooks up to a sanwa? i have some spares so I can do that for you too for another 2 bucks. Otherwise, i include crimp connectors for you to hook up your own 5 pin connector

got it, reply sent.