Prelude to the final Scrumble: AXC edition: 9/9/09 6pm

Game session, my place, 3 tvs(and a computer with melty blood or whatever).

Time: Wednesday, trying to go weekly. 4:00 to 11 or so (neighbors have a baby but they’re nice)

Place: I live in Wedgewood estates, adress is 7544 37th Ave NE, apartment number is 4. Its not hard to find, I’m next to the parking lot down 37th when you turn off of 75th, you should see a door and through that some stairs, I’m up and on the right.

If you see the wedgewood safeway you’re pretty close.

Pm me for the phone number or whatever, some people should have it already.

Scrub rumbles include SFIV, Marvel (Keith provided, need one more stick I think), rockband and whatever’s on the pc. My 360 redringed so if someone wants to bring one we’d be set.

Also, bring sticks, any you have really. I have a TE for 360 and a modded fs3 for ps3.

Rules are pretty simple, basically clone Pablo’s and apply it to mine. I live with my brother, so listen to him too. You’ll have to ask him if you want to drink, since the booze here is his, or just byob.

Hope to see you there, lets have a good time.

If I dont have school this day I’ll come to kick it and play some SF4. If I do come should I bring my PS3 with SF4 and Bushido Blade 1 ?

Haha Bushido blade 1 is the shit, I still have that somewhere. I have a ps3, so unless noone wants to bring a 360 I think we’ll be ok.

Most people also have 360 sticks, and we need all the sticks that we can get.

Your presence is plenty!

Get ready to face the limousine ridin’, jet flying, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’, son of a gun in the McGangbang match. To be the man, you gotta out eat the man. You don’t gotta like it or love it, but respect it, cuz it’s the best thing going today. Maybe another week that I spend without seeing Pablo would be a good thing. He’s a terrible influence on my impressionable mind.

Brian, dann, and myself should be there. I’ll haul a DC, converters and sticks. But yes, anyone with sticks should always bring them. Maybe we can talk dann into bringing a 360 so that we can have a setup for Rock Band while SFIV hogs the PS3.

Also, Brian might want a shot at you in a McGangbang match as well.

Hey I live like 3 min away from you (Radford court)! I can definitely show up… hopefully with 2 360 sticks! I can also bring a small tv if you need one.

Aw geez, is anyone from the UW campus willing to give me a ride or something at 4:30? I don’t get out of class til 4:20 on Wednesdays.

Melty Blood is a crazy stupid fighter, whiff cancels EVERYWHERE.

You have a U pass right? Just take bus 65, get off at the stop in front of the Wedgewood safeway, and then call me.

Never played Melty Blood, I’m interested because it’s visually amazing.

Sounds fun, If my friend comes we can bring 2 TE’s for the PS3…this is all depending on where wedgewood is, however…

…but if Riki might go then it can’t be TOO far

I may hit this up, only for marvel. SFIV is OK too, but marvel owns. I guess you can claim Wednesdays Dan #1, Tuesdays have actually worked out better for me so yeah, more marvelz.

I think I’m going to try and make this. I’ll be taking the 64 from downtown…that stop by the Wedgewood Safeway?

Yeah I’m pretty sure it does.

I’ll be bringing a Hori FS3 for the PS3 so we’ll have two PS3 sticks. I wouldn’t mind teaching some people a little bit about Melty Blood with it too.

From Urban Dictionary:

“scrumble - the act of engaging in lesbian intercouse
I really need to use the bathroom but Jenny and Debra are in there having a scrumble”

Complete with typos. Sounds pretty hot. Let us lure some white girls with some Matador tequlia and make them do things to each other.

Scrumbles sounds like the name of a lovable dog. And that’s why I like it.


you learn something 'eeeryday. shit.

How many for the Marvel scrumble? If we have more than 3 or 4 showing up, I can bring another TV if Pablo or someone else brings a DC and sticks.

I might just have to show up eh? This sounds like it’ll be fun!

Hmm, has anyone offered to bring a 360 yet?

Riki offered his ps3 for the second tv, and the third is going to the marvel setup.

I’d like to have this figured out by tuesday night so we don’t have an empty tv.

Yeah I can’t make it man, I’d like to but I don’t get out of school until 8pm now =/