Prem animation av request

Can someone make me an av that shows seconds 15-20 of the video where the guy does a running jump stomp and then at the end of the animation post the pic of ganon?

Heres the video

Here’s the pic

If possible at the end have it say Ganon’s dair FTW!

I appreciate anyone willing to help me out.

For those who don’t get it here’s what ganon’s actual down air move looks like:

i get the whole concept, but the words at the end have me confused.

do you want “Ganon’s dair FTW!” or “Ganon’s down air FTW!” or some other variation?

.[not so ninja edit].

if someone else wants to take a stab at this, please feel free to do so. i’m having trouble with getting it to fit under the file size limit.

^Ganons dair FTW.

It says the remote file is too large on both av’s u pm’ed me but it still looks awesome so I appreciate the effort anyways:tup: :rofl:

oh, i thought you understood what i wrote.

the file sizes for both images i sent you were obviously too big. the second one is the result of cutting out so many frames in an attempt to get the image to fit in the limits.