Prem Av Request.

I was wondering if anyone can make me a flashy prem av

with colors of blue and black

my name in cursive.

here’s the pics:

Thanks Again!

What are the maximum dimensions ?
I have an idea about an animation that could be cool…i’ll try something.

48 kb - 160 x 100

Alright…i’m gonna try, but 160x100 is a bit small for sprites.
I’ll see what i can do with my idea, i’ll be back when it’s finished.

Would it be also easier for my next av request to give the proper dimensions stuff like that in more detail.

Well not really in the dimensions department… unless you obviously want something special.
But it’s fairly common knowledge that non premium dimensions are 19.5 kb - 160 x 64 and premium dimensions are 48 kb 160 x 100. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, sorry, i’m new on srk ^^
Anyway, i haven’t finished yet, should finish that tonight, or tomorrow, depending if i’m busy or not.
.dub are you making one too ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tempest253: what kind of av do you want ? Just chars hanging in it not doing anything special, or something “realistic” ? anyway, i’ll try both.

No, no, I learned my lesson from my very first post on SRK :wgrin:. If someone calls the job, it’s theirs afaik.
This ones all yours.
Just throwing out some pointers.

If you want to, go on!
He might not like mines, or prefer yours ^^

Thanks Fenrir. :tup:


Let’s go for the realistic approach if you don’t mind.

Alright, so here’s a preview.

But the size isn’t correct, and file size is way too big.
I would have added sparks when it turns white, but it would have increased file sized and it’s already 3 times too big, i hope reducing the height and width will reduce it enough, i’ll have to reduce the number of frames i’m afraid.
I’ll try to make one with the images i used for this that’s correctly sized if you like the idea.
(i know there’s a problem with a leg, it’ll be corrected for the final version).
Also, i’d like to know what font you’d like me to use, cause i really don’t have that much good ones, and only a few crappy cursive ones.

I thank you so much for taking your time out your day to do this. lol! you can do whatever you want…

Edit: You it should have it say something like “Donkey Punch” somewhere…

Well with Fenrirs permission I made these two avs. Nothing like what you requested except for the colours :wgrin: but there ya go.

I would really wait for Fenrirs avatar though, as he looks like he’s got something pretty special lined up and I think he will be keeping more in line with what you actually requested. Maybe mine will give him some motivation for his.

Whoa, those are really dope. I especially like the top one with how you made the sprites come in after showing the close-ups. Good shit. :tup:

I’m still waiting for his but thank you for helping to help me with this av situation…I thank you greatly…

Dope ass sig.

.dub.'s avs never cease to amaze. :tup: