PREM AV Request.

Can someone make me an AV with this picture:

Just the picture and my handle. If someone can maybe animate it where just his face will fade into a black background and reappear, that’d be cool too.:angel:


.[not so ninja edit].

:d: it’s cool, man. that looks really good.

if i had done it, i would have just made the entire image fade, so props to you. :tup:

^ damn sorry streak i was done wit it when u posted this

Aww shit GuMz, that is fucking sweet as hell! Thanks a bunch!!!:china:

@str[e]ak: Not sure if you did one as well 'cause I just got to check it right now, but if you did thanks!:wgrin:

Goddamn Gumz, that’s hot shit. Props to your skills once again.

that shit is hot…