PREM AV Request

I want an animated AV where it focuses on her face and then her boobs. You can put something funny in there if you want, and last but not least slap my handle on there.

Pic may be NSFW:

Thanks in advance!:angel:

Wtf? is that nipple? jesus, games have come so far. :sad:

I think it’s great!!! Why the sad face?:wonder:

There isn’t a “tears of jpy” smiley.

Wish I could help you here, but the tits on that woman are too epic for my small time animation skills.


I will give it a try

best I could do with out going over the KB limit

Lovely, exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot bro!! :china:

Jesus, I love those titties!

:u: Me too. :highfive:

I approve of this message.