Prem ry av request


hey guys. i’m sorry if i made another thread. but i just got premium and i wanted to see if i could get an premium av using either one of these pics.

or if anyone has any other ideas feel free to help me. i’ll be more than glad to rep anyone who makes an attempt.

thank you.


let me know how you like it.


sweet thats dope. i’ll send some rep your way but it has to be a tad bit smaller it passed the limit but just a little bit


ahhh ok. whats teh cap on file size?


48k yeah just needs a small tweak


try it now.


its still not small enough :confused:


lol he made it larger, damn why is this avatar so hard to decrease its size…

ummm if itll help, cuz maybe he wont be back cuz of the srk crashing…


thank you man