Prem size Ibuki av request

-I was wondering if i could get an av of the Ibuki vs. Makoto opening (both MK each other in the air)

-In the av i want Makoto to explode on impact when Ibuki collides with her. Leaving some mortal kombat esque bones on the ground.

-I want it to say “Epidemic” in a mortal kombat type fashion after Ibuki destroys her.
I want Ibuki to end, doing her praying win pose after already destroying Makoto into many fragments.

-I would also like it to be the MP color for Ibuki if possible.

-anybody think they can do this? Dub?, Quiche?, Shatta? some newcomer…I would greatly appreciate this.

Return of the fuckachunkz?

You’d be surprised.

.dub. is a brilliant av maker.


nay. i’ll pass. i dont like the idea.

So I’d be a newcomer? I don’t think you’ve seen my request thread over at TZ.

I’ll pass on the fact that I wouldn’t know what I was doing.