Premade Wireless 360 Sticks

Haven’t seen any threads or anything about them but you can buy them at
The case looks familiar, and the price seems pretty good for what it does. Doesn’t say if they’re Sanwa parts but it looks like it. They’re selling it on two different sites at two different prices, but one that offers $100 back for reviewing it, so I dunno who actually produces the thing. If anyone with some spare cash or who couldn’t get a TE stick wants to test it out and post a review that’d be cool

$250 bones? ouch.

Those are definitely not Sanwa buttons.

I wouldnt touch that . Maybe is they were cheaper or had decent parts on it

Yeah they’re a little too flat to be Sanwas. What is that case from I know I’ve seen it before

The video review (2nd one) states that the joystick and buttons feel different, so they aren’t Sanwa parts, for sure.

I think most people would want to have Sanwa parts since that’s what is used universally. At the least, you’d want a case that supports Sanwa parts.

I believe they’re sold from NYC, but I don’t know anybody that knows the creators of this stick. At least the price dropped to $169.99 now (both appear to be the same company, different websites).


Im not a stick guru or anything, but I see on this guys Ebay page the stick is listed as wireless. If Im not mistake shouldnt this be avoided on 360? Isnt there a input delay on all 360 wireless sticks?

No, there isn’t.

Something that’s actually pretty interesting is that these don’t look like official MS products, considering they’re ripping off another company’s case. And there’s no guide button/ring of light - I think that’s actually a requirement on all MS licensed controllers.

If these are unlicensed, then we have a company that’s successfully hacked the 360 controller encryption. Be interesting to see what might be done if somebody gets ahold of one.

Not necessarily. They could just be hacking the PS2 sticks that look the same with a 360 controller and reselling them.

If they’re actually producing these that might be different.

“The stick is even good enough for me to do the ultra”

That’s reassuring.

The stick looks tiny which maybe appealing to some people, but not to me. Also the stick is way to close to the buttons. I have big hands so this would not work for me. It is probably just a hacked 360 pad like the nikings chinese sticks.

The stick looks really cheap. I rather would buy some sticks from gamestop.

That’s because it’s a soul calibur 2 stick box:

If they aren’t sanwa parts, what it probably is, is a spray painted SC2 stick with the shit hori parts left intact with some Ryu picture glued on. Making the piece of crap worth around 70bux max.

I like mien better


that stick is butt ugly.

From the mooglex site:

So it’s using an X360 wireless PCB

I guess with the cost of labor being so low they can afford to pay people to hack and rewire official controllers, but damn. Still be nice to see the inside of one to be 100% sure.

i’ve made few wireless sticks for the 360 and play on a 19" SyncMaster 940bw 8ms response time through VGA.

i have absolutely no issues with lag or problems playing SFIV on this setup. which is actually an issue with LCDs.

seeing as i have two possible failure points (lag on lcd and lag on wireless) none of which has been an issue for me.

looks like the old soul calibur 2 and tekken 3-4 hori stick…

those had 6 button layouts though

but nevertheless 200$ is too much even if this thing had sanwa parts on it