Preme animated AV Request

I would like an AV similar to the one that I have. I’d like the background to have a photo relistic sunset if possible or somewhere it’s dark and raining. Doesn’t really matter, I like both of those settings. I’d like you to use the character Sean from SF3. I would like you to take two punching sprites from this link and the moves should be used in this order.Standing left jab and then right straight.

After that, I want you to use his standing high side kick from this next link.

Now for the final part of his animaiton, I want you to use is shoryuken from 2nd impact. I couldn’t find a sprite for it and I did a lot of searching. Maybe the taker has better sprite resources then I do. If not, then let me know and I’ll decide if I want the sprite with his 3rd strike shoryuken or not. If it’s not to much trouble, could you also put him in a white or blue outfit. Oh yeah, before the animation starts, I’d also like you to make him say “Gotta keep practicing my shoryuken”.

Thanks in advance.


as a fan of Sean, i must do this one.

to be more accurate to how he’s played in 3’s, would rather go with a close mp, hk, shoryuken, (in this situation) his jumping win pose?

Damn that was quick, I just posted this request!! Thanks for the pickup. The reason I requested the shoryuken from 2nd impact, is becasue I like that animation alot better than the one from 3rd strike with him jumping up and spinning around with his fist sticking straight up. His shoryuken in 3rd strike is completly different because either he’s doing it wrong or he does it that way becasue it’s his own style. The one he uses for 2nd impact looks like he’s just fucking it all up, but has the general idea of how it’s done. His jumping win pose doen’t look like an attack to me at all. What are your thought on the whole thing? Also, I’m looking for some sprites of the moves you just described. Could you point them out to me? I can’t seem to locate my copy of 3rd strike to see what you are talking about with his close mp to hk.


i was refering to his 4th win pose. that’s basicly how he ends his shoryu. the only reason why i said close mp into standing hk is because that’s basicly his best combo in 3’s:sad: anyway, i was just yammerin’. i’ll keep the moves the way you want it sense he’s just doin’ moves.

plus, i dont think i could fit his shoryu animation anyway, unless you want a “SF Ryu ending uppering a waterfall, minus the waterfall”

Will the 2nd impact shoryuken take up to much space? If so, then you can go with the 3rd strike version instead since I just took a look at it and it doesn’t look half bad. Somethng just seems wrong about that 4th win pose to me. Now that i’ve had a chance to look at the colors, I’d like for you to use his 3rd strike mp color of a white top and black pants.


ok, one last question, do you want your full screen name or nickname?

negro edit:

i want to use Sean’s shoryu cannon animation instead of the double shoryu but Zweifuss never animated that SA so i cant get that in white top/black gi… mind if it’s in his default colors?

I can help you there Shatta. . .I think:

^lol, thankx, but no.

Nah, I really hate yellow.:sweat: So the double shoryuken will be fine. If you can use my full name, then please, do so. But if you have to use my nickname to save space, then that’s fine to.



lol, ok how bout this color edit? (mainly because i’m like half done…)

points to attachment

That Works For Me!!!


ok, i fucked up:

forgot to change the color of the sprites first, lol. basicly you get the idea what’s it’s gonna be.

goes back to editing

Looks good so far!!! You think you could slow it down kind of like the guy in my current AV?


ok this is what i got:

Thanks for taking my request and finishing it up so fast. It’s perfect!!! I can’t thank you enough. Is it safe to say that I can come to you for all of my Sean related AV needs? Because in a few months, I’ll be wanting another one. I’ve worn my last avatar for about a year now. I just couldn’t think of what I wanted.


lol, im coo’ with that.

Cool, becasue I’ve got some other Sean AV ideas that I’d like to request in the future. Thanks again man.