Premier Pro 2 - Xvids not importing / recognized?

So I’ve been editing some video and everything was going great. All was well ,rendering and importing. Then I installed some new codec or file format conversion tool and all my xvids seems to not be recognized in the timeline and are unable to be imported. Yet they play in vid players. I’m given a “audio rate not supported” error. I don’t even need the audio, lol.

Thing is, everyting was working, rendering before, as said. All the xvid clips are “offline” in the timeline. Anyone know wtf I need to do to fix the problem? I’ve installed new xvid codecs, but that did nothing. Any way to import a premeire pro timeline into vegas video?

Thanks, peace.

:Edit: Figured it out…kind of. Removed DVD rippers,xvid, and changed divx config to “enable generic mpeg4 encoding.” Meh.