Premimum sized ava...please

Anything with Sean and Twelve (in their normal colors) and my name. As long as their not fighting. Nas was gonna make me this ava but its gonna take him awhile.

I’d make you one homie Mert, but Im a little backed up with AVs. But a cool Yeah Dood 120% idea would be having Sean shooting his basketball at Twelve. And use Twelve’s animation for his choking throw so that he looks kind of like a hoop, so it’ll look like Twelve and Sean are playing basketball… dood.

Hehe nice. If you could ever get to that, that would be so cool. Thanks man.

Or do a soccer type thing where Seans throws the basketball and Twelve does his Back+ MK to shoot it into a goal that is being defended by Ken Chun and Yun. The ball goes blasting by all of them and add in their “Twisting” so its like the ball blasts away all of the scrubs. Then at the end it says “GOAL” with Twelve in his “Disapearing” pose/ Taunt pose. Then finally it has Sean doing his “intro” where his mouth moves and he says “fucking scrubs”. That would be…excellent.

I like that better.

If anybody can do this I’d be forever in their debt.


Tell you what, when I finally get caught up, I’ll make that one for you. But it’ll be a while because I also make AVs and siggies for other forums and sites, plus going to therepy is taking up freetime too… dood.

Are you going to do my idea…cuz that would be so so sick. I can’t find Twelve’s neutral throw animation anyway. Thanks alot man.

For your idea (which is gnarly pimped out) you’d have to get someone really good at animating. I’m still a noob at this and I don’t think i could pull that off yet… dood.

I got somebody to do it but thanks alot for the insperation and shit. Maybe next time. :tup:

Sounds great, I cant wait to see it… dood!

When I said I’d make the av for him, I thought it was just a regular character + character av…then I read the thread. Good God I actually got it all to in…sorta. If I find a respectable goal post, i’ll update it.


lol!!! u are a god.


Great gunga-munga… he actually pulled it off… dood!

:looney: Mondo good job [COLOR=“Yellow”]DarkDragon! :tup: Wow, you made it really fast too… dood![/COLOR]