Premium AV Request / Competition (10$)

EDIT: Updated with an extended deadline since not many people had enough time to give their submissions. The new deadline is June 1st (Sunday) at 5PM EST.

Ok fuck it - instead of me askking for a particular AV, how about a competition? Best AV I like illl paypal 10$ or buy an equivalent of Premium (if no Paypal account.)

I don’t even know what im lookin for - i’ve been sporting this one for a hot minute, so it’s time to mix it up. I wanted a DBZ based “Im pregnant” AV, but really anything can work - be original and win yourself 10$ :slight_smile:

I’ll pick the winner on Tuesday Night (5/27) … Ill be in Vegas from 22-26, so I’ll check as I can and stay on top of things.

Things I like:
Anime (Old school Bubblegum Crisis, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Kenshin, DBZ, etc)
Alchohol :stuck_out_tongue: (I drink a lot)
I used to be into Battletech/Warhammer back in the day.
Im pretty terrible at Street Fighter (Odd since Im on this site) but I enjoy gettin wrecked in it - Im notorious for mashing fierce P/K with Ryu or Ken :stuck_out_tongue:
And my profession is a Software Engineer (If you wanna go that route)

Hopefully that’s enough for you to get started - Hook it up, and Ill hook up the best with a flashy 10spot :slight_smile: :tup:

Bump for Edit :wink:

looks for Gumz

koo, I’m in

jesus, your av shatter. :rofl:


Bumpage just in case anyone else wants to get in on this :slight_smile: 10Dollahs yo!

(Damn the Legendary Ownage of STA - taking away from good peoples AV requests!)

looks for kidzero

can you put up the description of the original DBZ av request?

just because, you know, someone might want to take a stab at that one. :wonder:

I’m in. I’ve got a few ideas so I need time.

I’m in too.

question can we submit more then one?

Got two:

i would assume so, since two people have already done two each already.

when is the deadline for this thing? monday night? or tuesday morning?

I won’t have time to create one. I’ve been working a lot lately…
I gotta work today too & then I start my summer classes tomorrow. :bluu:

Good luck everyone.

no John, Its starts Tuesday not monday dude

Ohh, thought today was the last day.
Maybe I’ll have some time to spare, if not, oh well.


Something simple:

Woowoo, gimmie a few to look over this stuff… Competition is over, i gotta pick a winner… Just finally got back into town and got time to jump into this thread :slight_smile:

Man not too many submissions =( Sorry I wasn’t able to answer any questions - I’ll extend the deadline unless anyone has a problem with that? There wasn’t many submissions so there isn’t too much for me to look at… I’ll give it till the end of this week, if nobody objects.

Here’s the original request:

Goku is standing at the bottom of a hill, Chichi is at the top. Chichi says she’s pregnant… Goku says “WTF!?” and Kamehameha’s at the hill. It hits the bottom of the hill and sort of ‘rolls up’, creating stairs as it goes. Hits Chichi, who then falls down the stairs and lands at Goku’s feet -> Then Goku says SRK - we da best!

I figured it’d be quite a bit difficult with all that, but if someone wants to take a stab at it, it’s what I really wanted to start with :slight_smile:

if you’re going to extend the deadline, what day does it end exactly?

i was working on two, but then summer classes started. so i haven’t had much time lately.