Premium AV request! (excitment to be in premium)

I would like the border color to be white and a red color that matches sprite that will fade to white and then fade to that red.

I would like a max width and height AV.

I would like to use 1 sprite which I will attatch and have him placed to the left inside the avatar.

to the right of sprite I would like to fill it with the word hoax using the same font albert did for one of the av’s over at keystone which i will also attach it gives a perfect example of size as well.

The background is up to you, and if you think you can enhance any of this you’re more than welcome to, because I would like it to look nice and if my suggestions make it balls, please feel free to change it to make it look nice.

Like this?

you. are. awesome.

:china: I’m glad you like it.