Premium AV request From Dunker

Hey all, I got this current AV from savaii64, but i’m interested to see what other people would come up with. I would like either Ryu or Iron Tager in my AV. And my name “Dunker” does not have to be animated but it would be a plus. Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes. =]

I’m out of ideas atm otherwise I would hook you up.

i’ve got a question:

when did you get that av? if it was less than two weeks ago, we might have a problem.

I was thinking the same thing, but trying to be cool about it. :coffee:

I really wish people would read the rules lol.

haha, it’s cool. i know him, so i’m allowed to bust his chops. :lol:

haha, then keep busting that lamb lol

Guess I should just take this as he’s collecting some more avs for posterity. :wonder:

Oh what the hell. I had an idea and I didn’t want it to go to waste (or me to forget it). Hope I ain’t encouraging bad behavior. Anyways…

Here’s two more! Whether you want them or not. :wgrin:

I had fun making these. I made the tager one thanks to aberz’s tut. :tup:

Ohh nice I like that Tager one, sorry for not reading rules guys. Yea…lol looks like savaii wins my heart again =] wasn’t collecting AV’s man, just was seeing other options including your own. IN NO WAY saying your av’s were bad…they are amazing, that tager is sweet will be using. thx again