Premium av request (MvC3 needs more Capcom villainny ;)

Hey guys,

Could someone make me an premium avatar?
The basic idea is a looping one, a bit in the style of this one I sported some time ago.

I would prefer a green colored text type, similiar to the old skool computer fonts.

First start with this pic:

Adding the text:
“Hehe, who do you think it is that spread those “leaked lists” in the first place?”

Switching too the next pic:

Adding the text:
“And how do you think X got deconfirmed?”

Switch back to:

Adding the text:
“All shall be infected, hehehahahaha!”

Switching to the final pic fused with the MvC3 logo:

If you have questions, lemme know.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Is Image Mishmash like… dead?