Premium av request....please

could someone make me a av with this pic

with the words “HOLD” and “DAT” randomly flashing around, and outside the pic. or whatever your creative minds can produce.

that phrase of mine has been in the family for years:wgrin:


Here you go Matt:

lol, just joking buddy. But for real, redo the link without hotlinking. This is what your link is showing:

… dood.

[quote=“Yeah_Dood_120, post:2, topic:18499”]

Here you go Matt:


:rofl: Sport it Matt! You’ll be god tier… dood!

Hhmmmm…its saying file upload failed. i’ll keep trying

i adjusted the original link.


on FIYA !

ninja EDIT : you had a ken pic first or I am seeing things :confused:

Here’s a really quick proto type:

You don’t have to sport it, I was just goofing around. Plus, there’s no flashy text and such. Maybe someone with more free time can hook you up something nice… dood.

[COLOR=“Yellow”]120% Edit: Whoa, looks like SNAAAAAKE’s got this one. Carry on… dood![/COLOR]

snaaake- my brother. thank you!!!

yeah doo- Thank you too!!!

I’ll rock em both

but yea i did have the ken pic up first.

thanks guys

:wonder: Im doo doo now? :rofl: Thanks… dood!

c’mon doo doo…you know i luv ya:rofl: