Premium Av request


Looking for someone to help me out with a premium Av, I dont really mind the style thats used but I would like something with Honda, Hibiki and Ryu and that says Cod somewhere on it.

If possible using these pics




Anyone that hooks me up Ill be eternally grateful and hook you up with Pos Rep at every opportunity.


Edmund Honda FTW plz

i got this

Thanks for helping me out man! repped you now and will rep you when your done! and continue to do so everytime i can :tup:

here’s a prototype:

I need to clean-up E. Honda a little…

Nice work! I’m liking that avatar alot.

Seriously Evargnug i think i love you :wgrin: awesome work man really awesome.

Thank you Thank You

The finished version…

just holla if you want anything tweaked

:lovin: :lovin: top job. its awesome! perfect the way it is :tup:

Very nice job.