Premium Av Request

Hey guys, I’m looking to have a gif avatar to be made if someone has the skills to do it. I think it will be kinda difficult but who knows.

I’d want a clip of Jaws the Nintendo game, where you’re underwater scuba diving fighting the sting rays and have the sting ray kill the scuba diver and have it say “Owned”. Then cut to a pic of Steve Irwin smiling with “Crikeeeeey” somewhere. Then a pic of Call of Duty 4 and “Enemy UAV is online”.

I’ll try and find some pics now. This sounds kinda difficult so dudes with crazy av skills are needed.

Oh and remember its for premium so please make it max dimensions. Thanks.

Ok heres the Steve Irwin pic -

Heres the COD4 pic - if you wanna give him the crazy eyes that’d be funny.,0.jpg

Here’s the video of Jaws. At 2:57 is the part I’d want. He gets killed by the stingray.