Premium Av Request

Hey all,

For my premium av, I want the same exact image I have right now with Arnold and “GRITZ” except:
I want the image to alternate between light effects/flashes. First, I want the left eye of the picture to do the Terminator red eye thing for a sec. Then, when that fades, I want a little sparkle/shine to appear in Arnold’s smile, and then fade. If you can, just have it alternate back and forth like that. Also, if you can make it a little bigger (premium size), that would rock. Thanks!

Bumper Boats.

Help me out! It seems easy enough, doesn’t it?

here are some things you should do:
[] provide the original image.
] ask the original av maker (i’m going to assume it’s sas) to do it for you.

Thanks for the tips, playa.

Sas, I’m sending out an S.O.S.

Do I have to start singing Feivel’s “Somewhere Out There”?

I hear ya. PM sent. :cool:

Open for others. :confused:

Nice! Thanks, Sas. That font looks terminator-ish.

However, do you think you could add the light effects that I mentioned in the first post or would it be too much trouble? Let me know.

Oh shit, my bad. I’ll try to do it tomorrow during class. My ImageReady on my computer isn’t working right at the moment [keeps telling me to INSERT DISC]. :confused:

Open to others though! Simple animating effect. Mod the one I made if you like. Help GRITZ out! :rock:

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Help me out, SRK!


I guess this is my last bump considering my premium runs out in two days…

Pretty please, with sugar on top?