Premium avatar request (First time in almost 3 years)

Alright I’ve finally decided to make a thread about this since not having an avatar since November 2005 is long enough for me. I’m planning to go premium soon also, so I figure having an avatar to go along with it would be nice. Here’s a high res scan of the picture I would like to be used.

The one on the upper right is the one I prefer overall, but if you want to use any of the others instead that’s cool with me. As long as it’s Godot I’m sure things will turn out looking nice. To make the creation process a bit easier I’ll go ahead and list two ideas.

  1. A slightly darker avatar that shows the characters visor glowing red. This one would be a static avatar with perhaps the red glow effect pulsing (slow or fast works). Here are two sprite pictures that give you an idea of how the visor lights animate.

  1. The same idea as above, except there is some kind of entrance where the visor glow only is shown at first. After a moment it fades into him in full light if that makes sense.

Of course if you have any other ideas feel free to go with it. Thank’s in advance for anyone considering taking this up.


i want to take a stab at this one, but i don’t know when i’ll be able to get to it.

my idea was similar to your second one where i would have the visor “shine” (see the av i made for Rooks4 below) first. then the glow effect would come next.

again, i don’t know when i’ll be able to get to it, so if anyone else wants to try first, be my guest. :tup:

not so ninja [e]dit:

i’ll try to have something by saturday (08.02). the shine animation is giving me a lot of trouble right now.

sorry for the wait. here’s what i’ve got:

i couldn’t figure get the visor to shine correctly, so i just had the glow pulse serve as the opening.

if you’re not satisfied with this, you can ask someone else to give it a go. :tup:

Legendary Prosecutor huh?

That is hot, thank you!

You don’t know how perfect the half black/white background is, I’m an oreo.

[Edit] Looks great, and of coruse I had to change my title to go along with the Av.

Do sigs show up the next post you make, or is there an option I can’t find to have it showing?

It appears under every post you make.

Go to User CP, then go to Edit Signature on the left, right under Edit Avatar.

no prob. glad you like it. :cool:

make me an avatar of Joe from KOF plz?