Premium Avatar Request!


I recently became the co-founder of a group of marvel players consisting of myself, BlackheartKing, and Quicksand.

I was hoping someone could help me by making a team avatar with the character sprites of Blackheart, Sentinel, and Strider, in that order.

If I could have an ‘A’ that is imposed over Blackheart, a ‘K’ over Sentinel, and another ‘A’ imposed over Strider.

For colors, prefferably dark green or dark blue themed. White for the text.

I really appreciate it. If anyone can pull it off, GODLIKE.


Won’t someone help… anyone… crying


I’ll do something for ya.


Look who’s come out of the woodwork! :tup:


If you don’t have luck getting your AV done here, try the STICKY at the top of this forum for requesting avs…


Any update??