Premium AV's Come Here

Ok so i’ve tried making an AV request thread and it failed miserably twice. So this is my last attempt. I’ll be willing to make anyone an AV if i think i can make it. No Non-premium AV’s cause mine comes out like shit when i do it.

some examples of what i can do:

Surprise me.

Oh man, If you can get me an av of angel doing her infinite, I WILL BE ALL OVER YOUR NUTS.
Did that sound gay?

Well since you Offered, I want an AV…plz
Slap something good up.

nice i got requests~ i can’t work at home so monday i’ll have stuff ready. i’ll get to all of u by then. Peace!

oh yeah my rules with the AV’s - i don’t care if u don’t want to sport it or if u want to wear it for a day…i just have fun making them so don’t feel like there is any rules :tup:

tiger how’s this?

edit - mystic u have a video of the infinite? i don’t know how it’s done =/

Could i get an av like the scarface one you have with Mitsu.
But have Sagat in the stance where he is holding his scar on his chest.
And in the red letters at the bottom say Sagat.
I cant thnk of any better text.( Scarchest) lol
I dont think my name would go well on it. But if you have any ideas
for it, then go ahead.
But anyway major thanks.

Try an orange stroke.

Hey SunocO, can you just take this image and blow it up a bit and stick my name on it?


i don’t know if this looks better? make the stroke darker?

vg - resizing it made it look bad… i tried

skimitar - hey u are not a premium…i won’t do normal av’s.

mystic and brandowned i got to get to

Ok, Ill try and make one real quick.

I actually like how that came out, but could you change 1 thing? Can you make the writing in a different color? Preferably black, orange just blends in with the picture to much.

Would you be willing to make an av with animation in it? I just have this little thing in mind where there’s a meeting of Team Q > Your Character, with Kuroda, Kyosenshi, TK, and Nonsense in their respective Q colors, and I try to join with my preferred Q color and get owned. It would be pretty short.

Just orange type, no stroke, see how that is. Should be fine. I already like how much more it stands out now.

sorry tiger and vg…i didn’t get to check up at home this past weekend so i can’t make corrections till i get home. the files are back at home so the corrections will be made either tonight or tomorrow morning. sorry for the delay.

the others i’ll be cracking on right now. i saw family guy yesterday and i’m gonna try to make the family guy a-team AV. that’ll be a hot idea.

ultradavid - i don’t think i understand your request. what is it u want me to do?

No problemo.


brandowned here’s yours…hope u like

skimitar - i don’t know if i should make u one or not cause u not premium.

not bad. not bad at all:tup:

Much better than the kenshin one. This one is DOPE.

thx a lot rn :pleased: