Premium Headphones

I’m thinking about getting some new headphones that go over the ears.

In-ear feels invasive and earbuds keep letting other sounds in.

Any recommendations or ways to make the shopping simpler? I’ll be putting it into a 5th gen iPod Nano.

Price range?

I can definitely help out anyone around here looking to pick up some quality headphones at any price range, either portable or for home use. I’ve gone through 6 pairs of headphones in the past 4 years just from upgrade-itis, plus listening sessions with countless others (do NOT start visiting Head-Fi, you WILL become addicted, and you WILL want to spend a lot of money, and I mean a LOT), and I’m now sitting on a pair that cost me wayyyyy too much to write here, although they do fucking rock.

If anybody wants advice on headphones feel free to PM me, and Juicebox you can either PM me or just post back here, but can’t really give recommendations without a price point.

From my small experience it’s all about how much you are willing to spend. From there you figure out what kinds of cans you want. I rock AKG K77s at home, AKG 27ifor on the go, KOSS KSC 75s for something more active. I need to rebuy my Sony MDR AS20Js (dipped one in a bucket of dirty water by accident) because they fit nicely and were great when I did any physical activity. I’ve tried IEMs before (in ear monitors) with the Creative EP 630s. Granted they aren’t premium but they were enough to let me know that IEMs just aren’t my thing. Suckers don’t fit in one of my ears right so I get full sound in one ear and something less than that in the other. Very annoying.

I’d bought and sold a few headphones over the years but I’ve always kept my Koss KSC75s

First off get ones that aren’t going into your ear, the ear buds that go into your ear canal will eventually damage your hearing from constant use. Although if you have some for the gym and what not that shouldn’t be too bad.

2nd of all, is price range, headphones can start as cheap as 20-30 bucks to higher end professional studio cans in the thousands.

I personally have four all of them have a specific purpose, one for casual listening to music. One for the gym (ear buds that came with Mp3 player). These Sennheiserer HD 205’s for DJing (and also sometimes casual listening) and AKG 240’s for producing music. - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles is your friend.

I’d say my price range is $100 or less.

I second the recommendation. From one of their buyers’ guide threads:

Closed Headphone
1-Sony Mdr-v6 ($71) A very neutral headphone. Good mids, highs. No bass bloat IMO.
1-Sennheiser HD280 ($80) Extreme isolation in a closed Headphone. Slightly anemic bass.
1-Audio Technica a500/700 ($98 and $140) Very balanced overall sound. Good for rock and metal. Speedy, controlled bass. Cheap pleather pads.
1-Equation rp21/rp22x ($85-$90) Plenty of awesome bass. Slightly recessed mids, good highs
1-Audio Technica ES7 ($110)
2-Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO ($150) Bass monsters! Also a good gaming/movie watching 'phone.
1-Denon d1000 ($130)

A few factors to consider are: Are you a basshead? How important is comfort to you (maybe the most important one, if you wanna do long sessions w/out getting headaches)? Depending on the impedance, you might also consider getting a portable amp for more . . . juice. Unamped and around your price range, your best bet may be the Audio Technicas. Just checked Amazon, and the prices now should be slightly cheaper than the above. If you’re willing to pay slightly more, the Denons are a sweet set of cans (friend of mine owns a pair), however, they don’t isolate quite as well as the ATs.

Hey im looking for some cheap over your ear headphones…i dont really care about bass.

Are Used and New: Koss UR-10 Closed-ear Design Stereo Headphones a good value?

Audio technica ad700 are NICE…only 87 on amazon. Not much bass but I never mind and rap is my favorite genre.
If you can find an hd595 for cheap (got mine for 125) those are good options too. Or just the hd555…they’re open headphones so they leak sound but the sound stage is amazing

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You may have to also consider your source- iPods generally don’t have the best audio quality, I don’t know if the Nano 5 is any different. Mp3 players from Cown or iRiver are generally considered to sound better, even if they are less ubiquitous.

For your price range, Audio Technica is the way to go.

I think the elephant in the thread here is sound quality. By reducing the distance the sound travels through the air you are sacrificing quality. What you really want is a boombox, not only will the sound quality outpace hearphones but whenever you encounter one of those " loud enough for everyone in the bus " headphone you can out do them with style.

God damnit, I warned against visiting that site! Don’t link it!!!

Seriously though, if you spend too much time there you WILL end up spending money.

And Juicebox, at $100 there’s really nothing that compares to:

Denon AH-D1001S Silver Sealed Headphones | HeadRoom Audio

Normally priced at $150, but for some reason they’re selling a bit cheaper lately. I got a pair for portable use and they served as my at home headphones for 4 months while my actual at home headphones were being built, they’re very good for the price. They drive great out of an iPod whereas a lot of over the ear headphones at that price require an amp.

Sorry for double post but LOL!

You must be referring to Skullcandy’s and cheap headphones you find lying around a store. If you can find a boombox that has better sound quality than a half decent pair of headphones in the $100+ range (keep in mind any decent boombox will cost well over $100, and they still sound terrible), I’d be fucking amazed.

By reducing the distance the sound is traveling through the air, you aren’t reducing quality. What you’re reducing is the full body effect of the music. Ever noticed how when you listen to a quality pair of loudspeakers you get that full body sensation, your chest thumping with the bass, etc.? THAT is what the sound traveling through air produces, that is the only thing headphones lack in a listening experience (open headphones that is, closed headphones can reduce the soundstage, aka the effect of being able to distinguish where sounds are coming from, but some have fantastic soundstage anyways).

If you ask around you will find that 90%+ of audiophiles prefer speakers due to this, but they will openly admit to you that high end headphones in a high end setup actually has BETTER sound quality than any loudspeakers out there, they just lack the full body sensations (most high end headphones cost around $1000-$1500 now, although some can be had all the way up to $6000, plus let’s say roughly the same price you spend on the headphones for both amp and source, which no matter what is still going to run you a hell of a lot less than a mediocre loudspeaker setup). Not to mention in order to get a truly reference sound from speakers you have to spend upwards of $50k on room treatments, whereas this can be had with headphones for under $2k for the entire setup, not the $100k you’d have to spend including treatments to get the same from speakers.

Basically, headphiles (headphone audiophiles) listen to headphones because they either can’t afford or their listening environment won’t allow them to purchase loudspeakers, but there are some out there who truly think headphones are the ultimate listening experience because they value sound quality over the full body effect of speakers.

However, that really has nothing to do with a boombox. A boombox lacks a half decent amplifier and the source is generally absolutely terrible, I’ve never heard a good quality boombox in my life.

double post was double posted -.-

Headroom is out of stock of the Denons. I hear you about IEM being a little to invasive, but they are the best for certain applications. What style are you looking for? Does size matter, my guess if you are using a Nano you want a low profile set? If you don’t mind something medium sized, in the 100 dollar range, I say go with Audio-Technica ATH-M50, on Amazon for $108 right now.

I also think Head-Fi is a bad idea. In the beginning I spent a lot of dough based on their recommendations. If you can’t resist and go there anyway, no matter what you hear, don’t bother with a headphone amp, you don’t need one till you are spending thousands of dollars on a Hi-Fi set up.

Best to buy Koss since they have a lifetime warranty and we all know how headphones like to break at the worst possible moments D:

This to an extent. Once you hit headphones past the $300 price point that you’re buying for home use rather than just something to walk around with out of your iPod, an amp can make quite a big difference. However I WOULD say that before buying an amp try to train your ears a little bit, listening to music and actually truly LISTENING to music are completely different things, and it takes practice to really be able to pick up on the subtle differences between equipment and subtle improvements such as treble very slightly being more clear and prominent on one headphone over the other.

On that note, I bought a pair of Audio Technica m40s 2 or so years ago that I still like and use (even though when I wear them for too long or go running with them on I have to switch to earbuds, to avoid deadly ear sweat).

And remember to check eBay.