Premium Ken Avatar Request

Hello, I’m requesting an prem ken avatar. :pray:

I would like the the SSF4 logo to appear first, then for the Ken picture to appear with the text Of “Kakatte Kina” somewhere in like fiery letters if possible.

Thx in advance. :pleased:

i’ll try to have something for you before the weekend is over. :tup:

Oooo I got this if I can get my gif animator working. <3 Dr. Chaos :slight_smile:

Umm I went with different artwork… I hope you still like it. Im not a good enough designer to make that other picture work >_<

:wonder: :coffee: :karate:

Thx man but…I really wanted that original image lol. :sad: Is it to big or something so it wouldnt work in a avatar?..You even made Ken purple haha Gs.

will post something tomorrow night. i got sick this weekend, and the medicine is starting to kick in. :sleep:

sorry for the delays. anyhow, i looked at Foshizzle383’s attempt, and it looks much better than mine. :lol:

here are some works-in-progress. comments, suggestions, improvements, etc. are welcome:

  • transitions are non-existent.
  • here’s one without the SSF4 logo.

the text is kinda hard to read, so if you want me to change that, let me know. :tup:

Wow I really like the top one, and you got the drive-in bg. That’s my fav stage. :coffee:
The text looks fine to me IMO. I really appreciate it man. :karate:

As stated in the interview we did, eh? lol. :slight_smile:

Makes me wanna request one, but I gotta decide on what I want. Hmmmmm…

I dont wanna make a new thread so I figured Id use this one
can I have a prem ken av with this image

I just want it to say J.D (with a cool font if possible)
colors and everything else I’ll leave it to your artistic sense

thanks in advance