Premium Mickey Mouse AV Request

I basically want this picture resized to an avatar
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If possible, could you some how animate the Premium version? Like him moving the CD or something? :sweat:

Oh, and if you can put “SH” in the upper left corner that’d be awesome.

Thanks for your time.


Kara Roman Roll Wave Dash Cancel Bump.


i’m not good with animated gifs or even photoshop for that matter. but just for my learning experience, i made this…

See Nuts Cortez

Is that from Dance Dance Revolution Disney Mix?

^ Yes it is, Valaris. :lovin:


I thought i’d give it a go…
Tell me what you think about this one(and feel free to use it if you like it ^^).

that’s just sick!

Sick shit indeed. You’ll have some rep (other than what I gave you) in the near future. I got connections. :rofl: :tup: good shit again.


Thanks !
Glad you like it… :slight_smile:

Don’t worry SH I hit him up already. Go him out of the reds. (I’m the one that left a french comment)

your avatar keeps improving every time i see it! what’s next? goofy break dancing in the background… sheesh!