Premium prize Mr.Blank Avatar Request

Im “Requesting” someone with incredible talent to make me a badass Avatar.

It has to have I-No in it, and an Unique way of displaying my name.

after that have at it mr avatar creator.

As you can see ive been rocking my Avatar for almost a year now. I dont just ask for a new avatar every Week. So If there are mutiple guys over there who want to tackle this request just post in this thread your Submission.

In turn I shall buy you a Month Premium for being the AV Champion i have selected. And when Credits systems get implemented you may also get a credit.


May the best man/woman win.

The contest Ends next Wednesday 19, 2007

I’ll enter.


Attempt #1:


hahahah you whore… its absolutely True too…

I’ll have a go. When is the deadline?

Dude, read the 1st post. It’s not that long.


my entry =]

err animated avs lol

sweet, shootin’ blanks would have been also acceptable

Whoops… My bad. I read up to STYLE IT OUT MUTHA FUKKAS…


Attempt #2:


oh wow


That’s too funny. :rofl:

I really like the look of this one. The overall style and feel of it is just really dope. :tup:

Why’d you have to make it piss??? INO’s hot but quiche you turned her into a tranny for me today.:rofl:

Tranny? Women pee too, y’know.


Ya true, but they also have jizz in them as well don’t they??? lmao could of replaced with that since the angle looks more closer to her pussy than the ass.

I know you meant for it to be her pissing in the ass, but it just so confusing to tell from that angle of her legs imo. Perhaps if you had her in a more butt position doing it, it’d make better.

Regardless I’d say that is the Av of the month in my book.

i totally agree. there’s just something about this one that i really like. :tup:

JESUS CHRIST!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::lol::lol::lol::lol: :sweat:

Very nice.

Women don’t pee out of their asses. Seems like you need an anatomy lesson.

MrBlank: So do I win or what?


EDIT: btw, if you don’t wear that av, I will.