Premium Zack Ryder Av request


Could I get a premium av of this pic

with “WOO X 3” or WOO WOO WOO! somewhere on it? like in the corner in like pink letters? (nohomo)

If it can be animated or something in any way then feel free :smiley:


Woo woo woo!


I hope you are not planning on getting rid of The Man of 1,004 Holds in favour of Umbreon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whatever do you mean? :wonder:


ha, nice save. xD


Thanks haha.


:bluu: Come onnn.


if someone doesn’t get to it by the end of this week, i’ll give it a go. :tup:

i have limited access to PS, so i’d rather just save all av work for when i go back to school.


Ok sweet! Thanks man :tup:


Here’s what I came up with… Feedback?


oh wow, i totally forgot about this. sorry, man. :sweat:

but, it seems like savaii64 has picked up my slack. thanks dude!


Oh snaps! I see LENS FLARE!


Guess I’ll take it as a compliment? Just cause I like Tien. :wgrin:

No probs, streak. Hey…how’d you make your av text all shiny and pretty-like?


text + reflected gradient + clipping mask. not difficult at all. :cool:


lol, lens flare is top tier.


It’s awesome! I’m sending this from my iTouch but when I get to a comp I will rock it and give rep! Thanks again dude.


:u: no probs. :cool: