-- Preorder Round/Octagonal restrictors --

Dunno if it is ok to put this thread here but here goes:

Preorder ? Round/Octagonal restrictor for Seimitsu Joysticks (LS-32(-01), LS-33, LS-40(-01), LS-55(-01)), it will fit every joystick=universal).

As some off you may know I asked on the forum if people were interested in ordering a restrictor that both have the round and octagonal hole on it and people were pretty exited so now I am starting a preorder so that I can use this money to order the restrictors.

The restrictor will have, like said above, both round and octagonal hole on it so it will be easy to switch. It will be made in durable plastic (same as the LS-40(-01) restrictors) by a professional company who will make the mold and everything (I just assist with the AutoCad drawing). So it will be professional made, expect nothing else.
The restrictors will be shipped from Sweden (I will personally ship it), this way it will ship out faster and no handlingfees.

Because the receiver that will get the money and do the mold does not have PayPal I must use Moneybookers.com. This could also come in handy when Akihabarashop opens up again because the fees are much lower than on PayPal, this way we can sell at better prices.
I could accept PayPal also but I have to recalculate a bit because they have high fees when one pays small amounts.

Prices (Moneybookers.com)

Restrictor = 5US$/each

Shipping Inside Europe:
1pcs = 1.5US$
2-7pcs = 3US$
8-15pcs = 6US$
16-30pcs = 11US$
More than 30pcs = ask

Shipping Outside Europe:
1pcs = 2US$
2-7pcs = 3.5US$
8-15pcs = 7.50US$
16-30pcs = 12US$
More than 30pcs = ask

I will be collecting preorders first (quanty, name and adress) before I will accept any payment so I see for myself that it is worth ordering (I have to order 1000pcs so I need to have some money at first, not for all 1000 but over 100 would be nice).

Please send your preorder (tell me how many you want and name+adress) to :

And if this goes well consider round restrictor for the Sanwa JLF in the near future ;).

I’ll preorder if I can use paypal, because it’s not me who will be paying…

Sign me up for at least 5, for sure.

I can pay the difference… If so I’ll take 3.

Aww man, I thought this was for JLF…oh well, I’ll take 5 regardless. Sent in order to your e-mail.


How much is the difference to use Paypal? I’ll only be ordering one though…

I’ll take 2 ish, but only through paypal.

interested in the pre-order. sent you a e-mail.

hey per what’s up man,

sign me up for one via paypal as well. sent you an e-mail. thanks

I’ll take one. (Only have 1 seimitsu stick).

Can I get a reply on the paypal thng?

I updated first post with pic :).

Demon Dash
As I see all wants to use Paypal. Fine but with fees (transaction + convertion (to Swedish kronor)) it is 6% +0,5US$. So for example a customer from USA wants to buy 5 plates: Price: 5x5=25US$ Shipping: 3.5US$ Paypalfees: 0.5US$ + 6%.
Total: (25+3.5+0.5) x 1.06 = 30.74US$

Did you send me email. If not, please do.

Check the message I wrote for Demon Dash.

Did you send email to me also?

Did you send me an email? If you did not please do, I am trying to collect them all at one place, easier for me to see.

ok. so .54c is the total is as follows:

$5 for the restrictor + $3.50 s&h +.50cents paypal fee +.54 (the 6% deal) = $9.54
Sold. send me a IM here per for the paypal account I should send to. Thanks

I have to collect enough orders first :).
Also your counting its little wrong (in a good way :)):
One restrictor for USA:
(5+2+0.5)*1.06 = 7.96US$ :).

You see shipping for one is as follows:
Shipping Outside Europe:
1pcs = 2US$

I’ll just give you $4.5 for shipping…

Major bump - is this dead, or just seriously moved onto a back-burner?

It is not dead but right now not a priority. Once the new shop is up and we can spend a little cash (I have payed more than I thought for the webshop it seems) then I will sell it, just not right now.

o sweet, i love the throw and stiffness of the LS-32 buit cant use square gates for shit… but now… OMG its like sex! I’m in for 1 to try it out.