Prepare for the worse

i think it’s atomic wedgie’s oro sa3 hmm… ok
it happen last night … Necro VS Oro

you jump-in and parry oro’s anti-air palm disk …and oro cancel it into ex-tengu stone …

what the shit happens …

i was wondering ppl of tosf could escape that shit …

Parrying an EX Tengu is hard, to say the least…but that setup is common…

Hey, find me at gamefaqs…I’m there most of the time. I’ll gladly answer anything if I can. And provided if I can understand you…:lol:

in fact that pro using ryu+denjin ABLE TO parry my normal-tengu strings !! in the corner !! 3 RED PARRIES !!

that was the last 2nd week , he use…eeer yun ? yang ??

Ryu strong like bull!

Twel(e)ve is the future. He’s so good, they’re going to have to rename him to Thirtee(e)n when I’m playing.


i was wondering what happen if anyone parry XFLAT

I don’t see to meny XFLAT players

If you parry XFLAT he just stops, like it’s blocked. I do it to the CPU since it’s easy to parry XFLAT after the super freeze.

dunno why …

The bar is too long.

There’s only one bar.

The normal damage is ass.

The anti-air damage is worse.

The only legit way to combo it is much too difficult to be worth it.

The same combo could more easily be done with XNDL for more damage.

N - And so on, and so forth.

XFLAT is top tier, bitch.


what is the scariest thing ever encounter in matches …

That’s cold blooded.


then , lemme’ see a match vids of … 12 using that freakin’ super