Preparing for a tournament


In a about a month i’ll be participating in the Dreamhack 2014 summer Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament. Last time I went there (Winter Dreamhack 2013) I got wrecked in my pools and I was just all around very nervous of losing. I main Dee Jay and have Blanka as secondary. My first question is if these characters are any viable with someone who’s familiar with SSF4AE?
Even if they are any viable, it doesn’t change the fact that if I get nervous I will probably choke and lose in no time.
So my second question is, what should I do to just generally prepare myself for a tournament to get all around best results?

Also, if anyone wants to give me any tips on the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 meta than please do so!


Read the forum description, this isn’t the place for this sort of discussion.


Bring DAT lube :party:


This is going to be moved anyway but to be honest the absolute best preparation for tournaments is to just go to multiple tournaments regardless of scale. Everyone suffers tournament jitters and that affects your play in whatever you do: gaming, test taking, athletic performance, etc. Get used to the tournament atmosphere.

Second, don’t care about viability. The people who play in tournaments professionally know the insides and outs of EVERY character whether it is frame data or hit box or spacing vs whoever. Play someone who YOU know and learn them as much as possible.

Finally, remember that even if you get knocked out of the tournament, most tournaments don’t kick everyone out immediately after the grand finals. Do some casuals, politely ask people for pointers. Unless things have changed since the days I went to tournaments, just about ANYONE is open to help out people if you ask nicely. Unless they are involved in a money match, anything you can learn from the people who have beaten you is an investment for your next tournament. A lot of players who place top 8 or better can tell you that they too have started out going 2 and out of tournaments.


Watch a bunch of MMA weigh-ins, practice your stare down in the mirror, then go to the tournament and stare down all your opponents in the same manner, watch as they quiver in fear :tup:


If you don’t have tourneys prior to the one you’re attending, consider money matching the best player around. Not so much to win it, it doesn’t have to be big money, but get used to “matches you can’t afford to lose.”

Alternatively, go to an arcade with gamers and try to spend an hour there or so, on only one credit.


Drink pennyroyal tea the morning of the tourney.
it relaxes your body but makes your mind super alert.
Trust me!
Drugs are the answer!