Preparing For a Tournament


Hey, I’m taking the chance of trying to compete in another tournament. This time I’ll be taking a chance in a Smash Bros. Brawl tourney. It’s being held by a local GameStop in a mall. I don’t completely agree with the rules. It’s a 5-minute free-for-all All items on Med all stages and characters. There’s some more stuff I have to ask though, because I don’t even know what the prize is going to be.

All items seems stupid to me and I addressed the issue to the guy. He said yeah but the thign is since they’re random they’ll balance out. That isn’t word for word, but that’s basically what he said. I don’t really want to lose because of a bomb-omb decides to spawn at the last moment when I decide to do a dash attack at my opponent or a heart container appears on my opponent’s side when we’re both at 123% damage.

Some stages shouldn’t be allowed either. Lucario’s stage and the classic Nintendo stage have a lot of random crap. Lucario’s is the worst case when the pokemon comes out all of a sudden and deals massive damage or when the screen suddenly flips when you were trying to get back in the ring.

Any tips for preparing? I main Metaknight, Zelda/Shiek, and Snake in that order.


here’s the first step: stop complaining about the rules

step two: play defensively and get disqualified


Honestly? You could have at least posted this in the Brawl section.

If you don’t like the rules, then why play in that tournament then?


Make sure to rub one off in the bathroom for good luck.


bonus points if you cosplay your character
double bouns if it’s lucario


Because it’s still better than not playing against anyone at all like I usually don’t. Didn’t post in Smash Thread because there’s a better chance of someone seeing it here.


and because this is about preparing for tournaments in general not just brawl tournaments okay


When I read your thread title…this is what your post should’ve been:

80% of your OG post was you bitching about all-items.
And you wonder why Smash Players aren’t particularly liked here.

Shut the fuck up about the rules there…or don’t enter at all.

As for preparedness:
Shower properly…with SOAP
Put deodorant
Clean Clothes
get some warm-up matches going
Have fun


These are vital, I fucking hate the smell of a tournament 6+ hours in.


I have to disagree If you where playing good the nights before DON’T shower. It can wash away your good luck.:woot:


That’s why they call shitty players scrubs, cos they’ve scrubbed off all the skill they had before going to the tourney.


this owns


I don’t know how tourney players prepare, but I know how I do it.

i’m not gonna say the same stupid shit as the others. “if you disagree with the rules don’t join” gtfo with that bullshit. sometimes rules are up for editing, especially if the hosts are decent and there’s good points being made. if someone found rules totally unacceptable then of course they could just choose not to participate. no one needs to be told that…

OP, instead of trying to get the tournament to change their rules, why not defend against whatever you fear with your playstyle? extensive preparation is the best thing you can do as a tourney player. instead of being biased, take what you know and use it to help you.

ok, so you don’t want to lose because a random bob-omb decides to spawn at the last moment. let’s pretend for a moment that this assumption is a fact absolutely set in stone. you need to know all the factors that create the problem. for instance, where are the places the bob-ombs will appear? how many can appear at a time? where do they explode? what causes them to explode? you need to know so you avoid the consequences the problem creates

unless I’m mistaken, they either spawn on the ground or they spawn from the air and then land on the ground and explode only if attacked. so if the area where the bob-omb apears isn’t attacked, then it won’t explode. you have control over your own attacks, but you don’t have direct control over your opponent’s or certain items’ actions. however… if that’s wrong and they explode anywhere anytime for any reason, then there’s no point in worrying since the opponent has to deal with it too. if it explodes anywhere anytime for any reason and it only hurts you, then that means you have to finish the fight quickly before something like that could take the match from you. if they explode in your specific area specifically to thwart you and only you, then you need to learn about the conditions for the explosions (ex. if a bob-omb will always appear inside of your char and explode when you land on the ground or let go of shield, etc etc). if it is absolutely impossible to avoid the explosions, work with the factors that make an explosion easier to deal with (ex. pick a heavier character, pick a stage where you can tech off walls etc etc to nullify the power of explosion)


Pack granola bars/related snack foods that are low in salt and sugar.
Play ryu cuz i heard he’s good


You should probably learn to play reactively and not random out and do brain-dead things into a bomb. If that’s the tournament’s ruleset and you’ve already inquired with the TO, don’t show up the day of the tournament and ask him to change it. Players who aren’t whiner’s have most likely already trained with this is mind. Respect that, and alter your play to suit, it will ultimately make you a better more well-rounded player anyway.

When I used to play Smash 64 (in the day, though i still dabble depending on who I’m hanging out with since it’s still the only balanced Smash game), we’d play with and without items. I don’t understand about people bitching about items at all-- you’re playing a game with tons of variables, including platformed levels with height advantage, angles that help some characters a lot more than others, etc etc. Shit, in Brawl you can RANDOMLY FALL OVER. You can be dashing to set up you next rush, and just trip at complete random. Random is the name of the game, but only 64 did it well, with Melee a close second and Brawl wayyyyyy off in the distance.



Now this was the only helpful post. Konkrete’s would’ve been too if this was a Street fighter discussion. I’m not sure about using a heavier character though. I’ve been playing with my three so much though, not sure if I can really play someone else with only a week to practice. Out of the three I use Snake’s the heaviest, but he still can get knocked out more easily than others.


honestly, that was just exploring the scenario. I don’t believe that a random bob-omb is that game affecting even though being hit by the explosion can be devestating. it wouldn’t be among the things I plan for.

the point is to prepare for what you have problems with, and in a way that completely eliminates the importance of the variable altogether.


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Water/granola/healthy snacks do not exist within the SF world exclusively


More like this imo