Preparing for online multiplayer

OK so this is going to sound noobish, and I am willing to accept any flame you give me for it, but I am hoping to get some serious advice. I am close to quitting this game for reasons that should not influence it. I have played SF series for a long time, but never got very serious about it until SF4 came out. Now with AE here I have logged in a few hundred hours worth of gameplay. Granted not all with one character.

My current mains are Chun/Adon/Juri. Now I normally practice against the PC on Hardest to get my groove going. Then I step into the online arena and get my face kicked in. I have watched hundreds of YouTube videos/tutorials/matches/walkthroughs. I troll this forum for information on a daily basis. I am having the hardest time getting a win during online play.

My latency is fine and connections are stable, I just get the crapped kicked out of me. Local MP with my friend is good because I know how he plays and I can counter that. I can get perfects on the computer set on hardest. But I win maybe 1 out of 20 matches online.

Do you guys have any tips on how to train or prepare myself for online play? Can I set the training dummy to do anything specific that my help me work on humanistic reactions? I know nothing will match just playing online to practice, but seriously… I got beat by a Balrog last night that let me take him down to 5% life, then he came back and beat me… I turned my PC off at that point because I was ready to break something. So Online Practice is not going to happen.

Any advice you can give me about how people prepare for online while playing OFFline would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

i was about to troll this when i read “I troll this forum for information on a daily basis. I am having the hardest time getting a win during online play.” then i lol´d, that being said just quit, im serious

Sorry I just noticed how extremely vague and rantish I sounded. My main problems are:

  1. My constant need to jump in to setup up combos. Should I just be baiting and turtling the match instead of being aggressive?

  2. I tend to fail on punisher combos. What are some good punisher combos for Chun? I tend to do :d::hp:>m.SBK. While effective…it leaves me open on block. I do use :lk:>ex legs > U2 a lot. Ex legs are probably my strongest offense and I tend to abuse them. Unfortunetly sometimes I OVER abuse it and get punished on block.

  3. Stopping a crouch block turtler. How do I get in and punish someone like Guile or Balrog who crouch charges the entire match just to bait me into approaching or jumping?

Thank you for the positive responses. I will try to get some videos of my normal online play up. Maybe I can get some things pointed out better that way too.

no problem is a forum, a place where you can misunderstand lots of things.

about your problems:

  1. im not aware of the “not jumping = turtling”, if you are jumping and you are getting punished by it the yes stop doing it, until you learn how to jump stay grounded, learn to use your pokes such as, st.hp,, st.p,,, etc. Every button of chun is a weapon, learn the ranges, same goes for AAs (, far hp, far hk,,, About being aggressive or not, sorry mate chun is a charge character, by definition charge characters are not that rushdown oriented (some may argue about ST rog, but that is possible because of the charge mechanics in ST), chun has a very solid offensive game, but most of the match ups is about not letting your opponent play like they want (some times is just zoning them out, others hit&run like a bitch)

  2. about Punishes, cr.hp into mk SBK is a good one provided you have the charge, if not you can use either of these two:

a) xx Ex legs
b) cr.hp xx hk legs>mk legs, cr.hp xx hk legs>mk legs, (if you cant do the loop just do cr.hp xx hk legs>mk legs, cr.lp, st.hp)

  1. Stopping a crouch block turtler --> do not f*cking jump, i mean it. Thats exactly what they want you to do, walk and block the sonics against guile until he is cornered, from there you can bully him (easier said than done). Against rog and st.hp are good friends, use them, in the other hand you can use hazanshu against opponents who loves to crouch, be careful tho because hazanshu is very easy to stuff, is safe on block but it loses to focus baits and what not. Hanzanshu into super from a empty jump is just gdlk, but dont try that is you dont know how to cancel your landing into hazanshu.

So a good portion of Chun’s gameplay should come from staying back and punishing the enemy’s attacks? Just kinda get in, do a quick combo, get out type thing? I’ve seen some people play pretty aggressivly with Hazanshu pressure, but that seems so risky O_O. Maybe I should stick to Endless battles until I am good enough to win Ranked. Its pretty depressing to have 150 hours in this game and not have PP higher than 1000, or BP higher than 800 on a character. Offline I am amazing lmao… but we go online and its all bad.

Also is it just me, or does the SSF4 Chun Li play nothing like the other versions of her? The basic premise is still the same, but all the moves seem to have completely different purposes in SSF4.

  1. Donno about PC version, I always get an impression that PC game is hackable and people might cheat. I have no evidence on this, it’s solely a personal thing. Though get a Xbox360, you’d be glad how many players you can find online in the xbox live community.

  2. Chun Li 101, do not jump unless you have a good reason to. Chun has the most floaty jump compare to all other character. Everyone can hit you out of air with little effort. So first thing first, learn not to jump.

  3. learn spacing, zoning, bait people to jump against you, and then…

  4. learn anti air option. This is hell for Chun, since there are lots of different options for different character. Malvadisco already mentioned what anti air option you have. They depend on range, oh btw, don’t under estimate cr.MP for anti air.

  5. learn the combo. cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LP, st.FP is the most basic combo, also learn plink to make this combo come out more often.

  6. Get an arcade stick, for xbox of course :slight_smile:

Don’t worry about offline. Also don’t practice against offline CPU. SF4 is a mind game, CPU doesn’t play mind game with you. You will get spoiled by the CPU play and will make you suck online.

Learn some hozanshu (flip kick) setups. That fucks crouching players up. But you usually have to do it during a block string. One they stand up to block they lose their down charge and you are free to keep rushing them.

Also pick a main and learn just that character and all their match ups. Later when you have the basics you can pick up a second main and some other characters just for fun

Your best option is to practice combos and execution against the training dummy. Get to a point where you can do combos at least 90% of the time. Basic bread-and-butter stuff like cr.LK > cr.LK xx EX Legs, cr.LK > cr.LP > st.LP > st.HP, cr.HP xx MK SBK, things like that. Then focus on comboing into Ultra, which is important.

Go online, see what messes you up, and ask for more specific advice on the forum once you realize what’s beating you.

Thank you for the constructive replies! I agree with Powa… I think playing well against the CPU has spoiled me into thinking I am better at this game than I am.

Is there a trick to the cr.LP x3 > st.LP > st.HP? I can’t seen to get the timing right on that. I have the same issue with “the loop” as I think its called, where I do HK legs > MK legs? Whats the actual command for that string?

Also I play on the 360 pad because my PS3 TE2 Fightstick doesn’t work on my PC… !@#$ing Madcatz…

You can plink the last hit of c. lp (x2), s. lp, s. hp, as powa mentioned. I’ve used lp+hp or mp+hp for the last hit. You can substitute the first c.lp with a, so you can start with something that hits low, and is a little more ranged.

You just have to find a rhythm for it. I’ve found that it can vary from person to person, but it’s something that doesn’t have to be done very fast, and it’s not something that can be mashed.

Don’t worry about cr.HP xx HK leg xx MK leg for now. It’s more advance stuff, and the more you want to use it, the worse your game play will be. (Trust me, it’s a burden to use in game unless you can execute it without thinking).

For cr.LP x 3 > st.LP > st.HP, try not to spam those LPs, keep a rhythm for the LP, then Plink the st.HP with HP + MP. Go into training more and get a feeling of Plink. Plink will look like this when success:

If your Plink is slow, it will become

If your plink is too fast, it will become

Remember, Plink is bascially 1 frame move that extend into 2 frames. Look at the frame chart will get you better understanding on how combo works. On hit, LP is 6 frame advantage, the start up frame for st.HP is 6 frame. Technically, it’s pretty much 1 exact frame to get you combo LP into FP, but plink will grant you 2 frames chance to get it off.

So ya, learn the rhythm on the LP. Spamming LP didn’t work for me at least.

i see, i guess there is still some basic stuff like plinking that I need to get down. I cant do it consistantly. I have always wanted to learn someone who isn’t used too often but is still usefull. I have always wanted to use Chun Li and be good with her, I just couldnt figure out how people do the things they do with her in YouTube videos lol. Thanks for all the advice, sounds like I need to spend more time in training than vs cpu.

BTW if anyone here plays on PC, my gamertag is PricyGolf. Feel free to add me and we can get some endless matches going for practice.

What I did when I started playing was watching some good matches from Japanese players from lordaborgine on youtube. While watching those it gave me some ideas and exposed me to some tricks I could use and combos that are effective. Chun li isn’t the kind of character that is good because of combos, you need to focus on footsies and pressure. You should never jump in on somebody unless it’s on wakeup because Chun li has a really floaty jump that’s easy to see and react to. Once you get in you should try to go for the mixups/tick throws/lightning leg pressure.

Yeah jumping in fighters has always been a problem of mine. I shoot for high combo count and fast KOs… tends to screw me in the end. I had been working on my poking game with Adon so I started to get a little more calm and collected with footsies. I think what I will do is just disable my up button and force myself to learn ground game. Maybe then I can break that nasty jump in habit.

On another note, is there a better way to setup a head stomp combo other than counter jump > :hp: x2? Can we set up the combo from an AA normal? I tend to miss the head stomp combo after j.:hp: x2 because they are too far away by the time I land.

Well I’m not a very good Chun either, I find myself stuck at just over 1000PP playing as her and Gen. But regarding head stomps, I found that people generally don’t seem to know how to react to head stomps when they are in the corner. That’s the easiest place to connect all 3 head stomps without flying all over the place, and still land a vertical heavy kick after that (just before landing on the ground). It snuffs out Shoryukens, allowing you to finish all 3 stomps in the air. Some opponents would think you’ll land after the first stomp and crouch-block or try to throw, which opens them to the remaining 2 stomps. Even if all three are blocked, your vertical heavy kick should land you in a safer position.

I once faced a pretty good Seth though and he blocked all my stomps everytime, and Sakura’s crouching heavy punch might knock you out of the air. So I think this might not be a good tactic against experienced players.

Then there’s this:

^ Yeah I like to do that against scrubs because it works pretty often, sometimes its hard to recognize it.

You can add me “lilkda” I play mostly at night western time btw I have no mic because I watch tv on one screen and play streetfighter on the other screen multitasking baby