Preparing for SFV


As the title says,how can one prepare for SFV before it comes out? I heard many different answers such as people recommending playing 3rd strike over IV and vice versa,so what are your opinions? Would playing these games help in any way? Can I get a head start?


Play whatever you find fun, honestly. Just make sure you’re focusing on improving your basics, since that’s what’s guaranteed to carry over to SFV.


any fighting game that has no focus attacks in it, not guilty gear or blazblue since they have an advanced version of that so they usually wouldn’t count.

The closest to 5 is eh…the 2nd one, the third one and the spinoff alpha.


Focus on your spacing, footsies and punishing, and less on specific tech, mixups, etc… Get your fundamentals down and you should be able to transfer them into any game.


So generally all what I need to do is get the hang of the basics that are not exclusive to a certain game,that makes sense. I’ll make sure to work on those,I have more than enough time to atleast become decent by the time SFV drops,thank you guys

I’ll definitely give those games a try,I was thinking of playing GGxrd actually to help me improve somehow but I guess not,thank you!


If youre maining Chun or Ryu Id definitely say 3S although SfxTk might help get used to charge Hadokens in Ryus V-Trigger
For M. Bison or Vega Id say SfxTk and maybe some CvS2 for Bison since he’s better at getting close in that game
For Necalli Id go for Akuma in SfxTk
For Ken, I havent played him too much but be inclined to say his CvS2 incarnation would be good to mess around with

Those are just some opinions off of the top of my head though. Itd probably best to cycle through a bunch of different games
If you mainly dig Sf Id go Alpha, SvC2, USF4, 3S, then SfxTk


guilty gear will be hard as fuck but it makes other games feel lenient.
I’m not saying don’t try it out but it’s not wise to get too used to burstin or remember you can not do that shit in sf.


I would play any Street Fighter game that you can find comp that you think seems interesting to you.


I’d say omega mode in USF4

edit: “LOL”, what the fuck? Except system mechanics, Ryu is almost 1:1 to how he was in the first beta.


Someone at our monday weekly said play some omega sf4 because there is similarities. Cant vouch for that tho.


Buy a PS4/upgrade PC, download the beta and get ready for the next stress test/beta.