Preparing for the Kumite in Tennessee


Coming in January, I still have plenty of time to prepare myself however I’m not sure where I should start. I’ve been playing Street Fighter 5 for a couple of months now but nothing serious. I don’t own a PlayStation 4 so I’ve been going to my local arcade and playing with one of the managers who is a former tournament competitor. I want to increase my skill so that I at least have a chance when I register and compete, I’m only at the arcade every weekend due to my hectic work schedule. I’m currently working on getting a PlayStation 4 and a arcade stick for my home so I can practice when I get off of work. I play online when I do go to the arcade and I always lose which never bothers me but I would like some tips to increase my knowledge and skill in Street Fighter 5. Right now my main is Chun-Li and occasionally Nash but I’m currently working on becoming a rush down player because that fits my style more being aggressive. Anything helps, thanks




Honestly unless your the next prodigy or already have a deep history In competing at tournaments in other games…(being your posting in the newbie section, I assume that isn’t the case) you probably haven’t been playing long enough to do any real damage at a mid major such as KIT… I’ve been seriously grinding In fighting games for about 10 yrs and have been playing sf5 since its release and I’ll be happy to go 2-2 at KIT. But that’s OK…and it should be for you as well …even if you get 0-2’d…(and as a beginner, you more than likely will) your main objective should be to show up and have fun all weekend. Meet new people take in the city and venue…all that jazz…
Secondly if you are trying to improve, you are on the right track by coming out to tournaments…you have the opportunity at a tournament to play casuals with as many players on the venue floor as you have time for… You get exposed to alot of players of various skill levels (including pro/sponsored) so it can give you a crash course of leveling up your game and give you things to work on… Pick higher skilled players brains for advice when they beat you… If you have a buddy coming along, get them to record a few of your matches for later analysis. But imo don’t try to put too much pressure on yourself to do well…you should go cause you have a passion for fighting games and wanna have a good time…keep your expectations realistic for your skill level and just show up


This is probably the best advice I have ever received on how to prepare for a tournament, thank you!