Prepping for MvC3


Ok, i don’t marvel vs capcom. I play SSF4. But im pumped for mvc3 and wanna get ready for it. obviously its a shift in how the game plays from ssf4, so does anyone have any tips on how to get adjusted to this game, or what skills will carry over from ssf4? prefferably the ways to practice dont involve mvc2 but i will do it if necesarry. i plan to play rushdown if it matters as i play cammy so im thinking maybe dante/phoenix/spider man…is that a decent team?


The influx, it’s starting. Everyday it gets worse. Looks at Feb 15th… Shivers

This does not warrant its own thread and could have easily been posted in general discussion.


You’re one to talk Zero lol


You can play tvc…? But not really.


who are you?



Play any other 2D game.
Ok, seriously, TVC is a good option.


General discussion’s actually locked. A “New to MvC?” primer thread would probably be a good idea though.


Hey, I think we have that!!!


The topic was locked right after I made my post.


ok, as i said, im a noob. i clicked marvel vs capcom 3 and it came up with a list of topics so i started one…sorry for the mix up. I’ll try to avoid it in the future. I was more reffering to playing like ssf4 to practice or whatnot, seing as tvc is more expensive than mvc2 i will just buy mvc2. Although i can get tvc at my local game store for 30 bucks with a fight stick. But i guess i will download mvc2. It just pains me that it will cut into my ssf4 practice, which i still plan on mainly playing. Im just gunna get decent at mvc3…unless ssf4 is totally overshadowed by mvc3 and all of a sudden nobody plays it


Do you even like Marvel? Shouldn’t play ust because everyone else is



Marvel 2 will not prep you for Marvel 3.



SSF4 plays NOTHING like marvel. in fact, im amazed at the players who transitioned to ssf4 from marvel. i cant play both for shit, if i get decent at one my skills disappear in the other


It’s great for basics obviously


something is better than nothing. and the basics of the engine are still there, so yeah it kinda will. just dont expect combos to be the same, just get used to assist calling, pushblock, blocking tridashes (Phoenix, mags, iron man, and storm say hi)


I just figure that TVC would be the better choice, mainly because of the speed and the launcher system.


i know playing ssf4 wont prepare me more marvel vs capcom. and i know they are nothing alike…marvel vs capcom is alot more fast paced while ssf4 is slow


real talk if i had a wii i would be playing both. but i dont =[


Thats not even 1/100 of the differences.



I’ll see if you can spot them yourself.


MvC2 is too ancient. Bad way to prep yourself with.

MvC3 is another league, so just play any 2d fighter for the time being.