Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


its mahvel baby!!! Mango Sentinels coming your way Sjoe!!!


I may be giving away my first ever adult size t-shirt (based upon a Udon drawing).


I’ve always wanted to play Robo Rally if anyone is down for that.




as a prize? xD gosh i hope i win


Yo can someone buy paper plates? Im gonna bring a lot of pastrys from work would appreciate it if you guys dooooo!!

Also im down for poker too

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hand painted

it’s still missing the joke part, pending gina’s buyoff.


wow zach thats dope!


I got’em.


Holy shit, that shirt is a Jerzees. Don’t let Pablo know you desecrated a $4 Target shirt. He takes that shit seriously.

I really do want to make it down. I hold a great affinity towards board and trivia games. But other obligations will probably keep me from showing up.:sad:

Raise a drink, tell a racist joke, and think of me.


Not sure if I’ll make it out or not though if I do it won’t be for long.


can i get this in a onesie?


Might be able to attend? But won’t be staying late.

Also might not have the address anymore.

EDIT: And I switched my phone so now I will probably have to call somebody to get Mr. D’s number. What a looser.


So we sold out alot of pastry’s :frowning: I dont have alot you guys :frowning:

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How quickly do you need it? :wink:


Good times as always zach! We forgot to play mahjong :frowning:

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Thank you for hosting Zach. It was an enjoyable experience as always. I was profusely entertained by the card game we played. I don’t remember what the game was called but I wouldn’t mind playing it again. It was also delightful to see everyone. Cheers!


‘Pit,’ right?


damnit Zach, I had one of those weeks where the days went all wonky and got shifted a space to the left. thought last night was thursday night. oh well next time. I want to turn you guys on to Lunch Money.


I think hearts or spades would be cool, too… Or maybe ‘Oh Hell’? I like bidding games that are played in tricks, for some reason. Except for pinochle. Ugh. :stuck_out_tongue:
Somebody with the Intrigue expansion for Dominion should bring it so we can play with >4 people.