Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


I’m still stunned that we had a 20+ Marvel rotation. :slight_smile:


I think it was because they wanted to see my vaunted Team Scrub! :karate::rock:

Scattergories yea yea yea!


I had a lot of fun last night. Scattergories and watching Cody play Pit and WIN (kind of) was sooooo fun!!!


This gathering was awesome. Marvel was awesome. This was Seattle.

Thank you Zach!


Somebody forgot their (Dell) bag… it’s here when you remember.


Thanks for hosting, Zach! It’s nice to finally see the attention given to Marvel that it deserves and once had. I hope Marvel 3 can bring in the same sort of crowd.


marvel is truly the hotness!!
zach had to beast on some online scrub with tron/cable rogue. that was tight lol


Amingo/Thanos corner setup-Stop pressing buttons…lol.

Thanks to zach for hosting.

Cody stay free.

I’ll stay free at marvel.


It works really well in person too. I had a 30 game win streak at SVGL with that team. You’d think people would learn, but when they do you just pause and use it as a crossup. =\


Kinectimals or Kinect Adventures money matches… ?


This makes me super sad. I will be in NorCal.


Probably happening again Dec 4th.

Good luck in NorCal! Say hi to Jessica - she’s a fox.


^Who’s Jessica? I will if I can find her.

I will be at the DEC 4th one.


I personally would like to money match people in Dance Central. I can actually attend this one. Dope.


November 19th 2010. It’s marked on my calendar.


Zach, I have a copy of Dance Central I can bring.


wow, you’re my hero. That’d be perfect: I was just telling Josh that I needed to pick that up. :tup:

Please do! :tup:


Will do, sir. I’ll smash on everybody real quick like I did on bowling night. I haven’t actually gotten the chance to play the game since I picked it up, I just assume that’s what’s going to happen, what with all my previous dance battle experience.


zach your avatar reminds me of jack in the box tacos. do want


Smashed on me maybe, but Superat sandbag special and Deezo’s use of “that” technique both held their own. =P