Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


Damn, wish i could come up here for my birthday. was raw last time i did! Random $60 arm wrestling match against Zach was MAD SERIOUS :)!


I’ll try to make it if I can a ride! :slight_smile: and nolan you only won bowli.g night because I was at scr

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Ahh yes… “that” technique. The technique that shall not be named. I believe it’s the same technique that gives one a buff Chun-Li, which would explain why only Mandel can use it.

KK, I can give you a ride out there if you can’t find one by this evening. Hit me up, sir. And Jetay, you should come up. Someone needs to talk shit to Super Joe.




That would ve dope I hope you dont mind me smelling like tomatoes /soup/ bakery for I will be downtown at gw afterwork untill you scoooop me up sir :slight_smile:

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Good seeing everyone. Thank you Zach for the awesome shirt, it is amazing!


Thanks for opening your home to the only game that matters. Dance Central. Marvel too. Sorry for being weak and leaving before 2AM. Other duties beckoned.


Megaman/Servbot/Tron Bonne and Dance Central, what a night. Thanks for hosting Zach.


Last night was fun mang. Thanks for hosting, Zach. Stay Crispy as Fuck everybody.


Last night was dope! we need more Marvel 3 prep with Dance Central! hahaha thanks again zach and more marvel 2 as well = ) and OMG Butterscotch cookies were bomb


Yes, those cookies were delicious and I don’t even like butterscotch. Awesomeness.


updated date


Amazing! Hopefully more kinect! :slight_smile:


Saturday the 4th it is.


You sir are awesome.


Bump, this is still tomorrow correct?


This is TOMORROW/Saturday.

The Marvel machine will be off until 10:30 because hey Christmas lights! Enjoy games until then. :smiley:

Please jet by 6am unless you’re unconscious or something. :slight_smile:


should we invite starslay3r? hahahaha BOARD GAMES IS = or > to Dance Central which is > SFIV at the moment = )


I still think boggle at 3-4 am was tight. Yeah zach’s is alot of fun when SF4 isn’t a focus. I love that game but truly it should be a very side thing if at all.


lol, my favorite part of Zachs is watching him beast on some poor individual on XBL in marvel. Its quite a treat!!!
You know its going to be a good one when the opponent has some janky Akuma, gambit iceman nonsense team lol

More Captain America and Ruby Heart please :slight_smile: