Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


Will there be any board games?


Board games is the entire point. :slight_smile:


Scattergories, Dance Central, Christmas Lights, friends, and Cake WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK FOR!? good times as always man thanks zach! hope you didn’t spanked to hard hahah


I’m taking tomorrow off to throw a smaller shindig to grind up levels on MvC3. If you’re serious about trying to level up / have fun and are not random or ugly …


I may show up but it would be after midnight so I would probably check ahead before rolling through depending on how it is going and what time you wanted people to clear out.


I probably would want to shut everything down by 1 or 2, it being a work week and all. :slight_smile:


Yeah, makes sense hah. May drop by anyway since I only live like 10 minutes away.


Zach I will make an appearance along with deeezo.(assuming he’s coming with me)

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Don’t forget to mention that this will be god-streamed!



The AfroDOJO will be there with 2 extra set ups to support getting everyone into the action!!! Cant be having these lines and stuff =D lol

Also, To hype the NorthWEST UP and to strike FEAR in the rest of this nationth, we got TeamKhaos in the house to Stream all the Marvel Maddness straight from Preppys!!!

I can not wait to see Seattle back in its natural habitat, beasting at Marvel!! LOL This is going to be to much!

Also as a safety reminder…please folks as a safety reminder. Remember to sleep and eat =)



I’m gonna do my best to make it up tomorrow. You guys don’t want this Dark Phoenix. lol


I will come through today. What time is best to show up?


Probably anytime from now until about 1am.

The mail isn’t here, so I don’t know if my copies of the game arrived. There may be a Toys R Us run in my future. O_o


Hey guys, we’re at Preppy’s house and we are live with MvC3 footage!

teamkhaos on


A big thanks to Preppy for allowing us the pleasure to be in, and stream MvC3 from his house. It was definitely relaxing and a great environment! I hope I can return and I hope that you will have me again!


Would have been awesome to attend, but I was busy! Maybe next time.


Sick stream and play last night fellas. Thanks for it all, enjoyed every moment of it. Seeing Buktooth beasting it with Chun and Tanaka on Spencer was crazy.


It’s kind of fun watching HOW people learn the game.

I’m thinking Feb 25th and March 18th for the next video game nights.


Hopefully everyone doesn’t stay out late on the 25th so that they can make it to PDX on the 26th! NW Interaction MvC3 tournament :slight_smile:


It’s kind of fun watching HOW people learn a new game.

I’m thinking Feb 25th and March 18th for the next video game nights.