Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


Can’t wait. I may be pretty bad at fighting games but man Preppy’s is too much fun. Thanks agains Zach.


Saw the streams, man you guys are too good…Going to tryout Marvel tonight!


definately gonna come i will bring nutella and extra pb maybe bananas as well! = )


If you’re still open to having random old people who aren’t THAT ugly, Jason and I might want to come by for one of these and get some MvC3 going.

And of course Jason would love to get his poker on as well if you’re still doing that.


Yeah, definitely. It’s been too long.

Poker depends upon if people are interested. :slight_smile:


Preppy, if you will have me again, I would love to attend the 18th gathering. I’ll be up there streaming the GC tournament


Yeah, definitely. :slight_smile:


sweetness! Yeah, I’ll bring some extra setups, although all the streaming that was going on was crazy hype. Although, maybe streaming MvC2 might be even more, if you’re okay with that, that is


I plan on going this Friday, and willing to drive anyone who wants to carpool from Federal Way.


Shut up Rob!



I’ll probably make it out this Friday. Been a while - do you still do the raffle thing? I can bring some coffee as usual.


haha. I haven’t done raffles since then, but have the roll of raffle tickets still. :slight_smile:


will there be any Mahvel 3 tonight sir


That’s the plan as I understand it. People decide what they want to play, but it seems like MvC3 is the most unknown/interesting right now.

The futon is back together downstairs. Sorry that the other two rooms are still torn up. Should be fixed up soon.


yo, would it be cool if i showed up today to play some marvel casuals?


Oy, just another lurker seeing if I can swing by tonight. So ready to get worked in marvel


Ask Frank.


How do I go about getting in contact with, Frank? Message him through SRK?


good question.


It was kind of a joke since I had to run off to a meeting.

Should be fine provided you’re not random and/or ugly and don’t have smell or social skills issues.