Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


ok thanks, now i need an address.
i pm’d you Peppy.


Yo, Zach! Can I Come?


who are you? :o


just peoples plz be nice to me my place and the gf :smiley:

also plz nobody get drunk. Happy is OK, drunk is bad. :\


also you probably want to bring sticks since rattana still has mine


Good stuff as always zach :slight_smile: the bar was beautiful I must try a drink there next time on the 18 to celebrate my bday month :slight_smile:

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C. Viper is so good, and its okay if you guys xcopy my prostrats…

thanks Preppy for hosting and the marvel 2 lessons :slight_smile:


thanks for hosting Zach, I was torn on what to think of the Tron Bonne drink…but the cabinet looks sweet.


Last night was a good time. Learned a lot about turtles.

Thanks to Zach for hosting. Hope to come again sometime.


Good times thank zach!

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I deserved that ill be at the next one.

We should play sometime, Zach.


Couldn’t make it in Feb. but will definitely try for the March date.


Somebody left their Xbox 360 USB tearaway cable at my place.


^I think that was me. Sorry about that. Thanks for finding it.


I hope to be able to attend on the 18th!

I would like to bring something for people to enjoy; are there particular items that would NOT be welcome?

I’m mostly looking forward to getting bodied in MVC3, because i’ve never played a single ‘real’ match. But are there board games going on? I could bring dominion + a couple expansions. Or my guitar for rock band, actually. I got RB3 a while back, haven’t played it that much though…


I’ll try to be there in March=]


I have rock band, but people haven’t been playing it much recently.


Preppy…was I a dumb nugget and accidentally leave a Sony charger for a camcorder at your pad?


I’ll take a look. Where might it be?


Most likely spot would be the room where we did most of the MvC3 insanity, I think your media room, on the Marvel 3 drop.


Hey Zach. An old Soul Calibur buddy of mine is currently into Marvel and was wondering if it’d be alright for him to show up this Friday at your place.