Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


Shouldn’t be a problem…


I might make an attempt to stop by to pick up those sticks, Zach. Probably can’t chill though. Got a long weekend of errands to do and whatnot.


If not I’ll do the sticks. Preppy let me know so I know to bring up my modding gear up with me or not.

I can use the money to help me save up for a move


They’re just sitting around useless right now. Would love to have them working. :slight_smile:


Alright, I’ll bring my mod gear up JIC. What sticks were they again?


Two p360 PS2 MAS sticks.


So I’ve contracted the Plague. Head cold, SARS, T-Virus, something. I probably won’t make it out. Slash, if you go ahead and get things done for Zach’s sticks, let me know via PM or Facebook when all is said and done. i’ll make sure you get paid.

Sorry I haven’t been able to come through in a timely manner, Zach.


Also, my all-the-way-downstairs rooms are TKO’d right now since I’m getting carpet put in. The bathroom down there is fine to use, though.


Hi Zach, me and Jerek/Masturfader were planning on coming by. He has been there before, hope that is okay. :rock:


Hey, what’s up guys, is it cool if I swing by tonight? I came once before a long while back, like Summer '09 (I was interning in the city back then, I’m back here full time now). Hopefully some of you may remember me, I ran into a few of you today at Gameworks.


Shouldn’t be a problem.


My bad, looks like I posted a little too late, I ended up just heading back to Gameworks, haha. I’ll have to keep an eye out for next time.


grats on bein back up here again momar!


It was fun seeing people, and I appreciate all the MvC3 knowledge.


Yo! what’s up man :smiley:


I believe someone left their coat… :slight_smile:


Welcome back if you’re interested. MvC3 woooo!


Hmmm… this interests me greatly.


im there


Looks like i’ll be attending this, LOL :china: