Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


oh and if anyone knows that “Cam” guy, you should ask him to come out. the dude that plays thor, hulk, dorm. ill be there early so if anyone wants to get games in, be on time :nunchuck:


what time you rolling?.. head count on whos going!?!


FWIW, I have SSF4:AE and MK9. I don’t have MvC3 for PS3, but do have one and a half PS3 MAS sticks (the half is because one tearaway cable is missing).


I’ll be there to see you fine gentlemen…not to play any of these games. I just wanna kick it!


If appropriate, Zach, might I stop by with a pack of beer to share? It’ll be nice to see some old faces and study some Marvel from the sidelines. :slight_smile:


Of course. :slight_smile:


Hey Zach, I have a couple board games I bought since I played them this weekend and they were pretty fun. Do you have Red November or Puzzle Strike? I can bring them if people want to play.

EDIT: Also, I didnt know this til I bought my own copy but Puzzle Strike is a David Sirlin game. He has another card game called Yomi (lulz).


I have neither. Sounds like a good plan. :slight_smile:


I shall show up, havent checked SRK in over 2 months literally lol . Nobody ever tells me these things =P

See Folks there, I need to work on my Wolverine/Sentinal/Phoenix team :slight_smile:



Zach, this is a bit belated, but thank you kindly for having us over this Friday. It was great to see everyone, catch up a bit, learn some MvC3, and laugh at how good I am at the game.



Yeah, thanks to Zach for hosting and to Rattana for the invite and the games. If there are more MvC casuals in the future, I’d probably be down.


hey guys im an MK9 player looking for some offline competition (especially with nwm coming up) curious if you guys play MK at all? Im located in south king county.


Day after Thanksgiving UMvC3 party go!


^^^ and Super Joe’s 29th birthday, GO GO GOGO!!! Hahaha, no, really UMvC3 is hype. My bday is not.


bump! im there once more!!! CODY umvc3 style!!!


Might be busy black friday shopping, but I’ll try to make it.


I would love to come play UMvC3 and kick it with y’all!


I’m there.


This past Friday was hella fun. Thanks for hosting Zach!


NINTH. This is TONIGHT. I don’t know what idiot (me) put the 10th. :stuck_out_tongue: