Preppopolis: Nov 13th (now with Xbox One/PS4)


Also, if people want to run a UmvC3 tourney tonight, I’m adding a $100 pot bonus (50/30/20?) for kicks. <3


rollin thru :slight_smile:


Back on the calendar:

  • Preppopolis: May 11th @ 8pm, June 1st @ 8PM


thank GOD i have fridays off =D


Sounds good. Looks like it’s gonna be a tired Saturday.


Any issues bringing some out of towners on the june 1st one? Fanatiq, Knives, Viscant if they can make it?


^-- Sure, sounds good. :tup:


I’ll be there for comic relief.


I’d like to stop by tonight for some Marvel, if that’s alright.


Sounds excellent. :tup:


I dunno if you still host events at your place but Jal and Bill Wellman told me to hit you up because you are, according to them, the business. Are you still hosting poker/games/shenanigans?


I can vouch for Preppy being the business.


Sometimes. Will update soon. =]


1/2 price books has a PS2 copy of CVS2…

So we can CVS2, SSF2T, and other fighting games?


Whoops. Updated OP: nobody every used the PS3 including me so that’s gone now. I do have arcade SSF2T and XBLA ST:HDR, but no PS3.


Updated. :slight_smile:


This already happened?


No, it’s this coming weekend.


Wow. I do believe that I will make an appearance!


^-- Woot! :smiley:

OK, set up the Xbox One last night. In KI, Sadori seems to be the most fun. Haven’t tried KI Classic. Also upgraded both TVs to the new low lag models, so the playing experience should be improved.