Preppy's house SFIV and HDR results 2/20

2/20/2009 HD Remix Results (22 entrants)
1st- Axel Kelly
3rd- James Walton
Tied for 5th: Trace and Rickclops
Tied for 7th: Mike Freeman and Da Wolf!

Our first SFIV tournament on console, fun as hell and I think everyone got pretty hype! :pray:
1st: ScrubyDan
2nd: Deezo
3rd: Peachy
4th: Mickey D
5th/6th: Frankdadank/Kyle
7th/8th: MynameisPaullee/Airthrow

I’ll work on getting the SFIV videos done this week, with luck. If anybody wants to supply me with a little template image to start the videos with, I’m all ears.

winning remix did not help ease the pain of two and out in sf4 :frowning:

and did you just link to this thread…in this thread? nice one

It was great meeting everyone and hangin out with old buds. Lookin forward to more SF4!!!

Thanks Preppy! Your hospitality is famous for good reason.



Good shit James!

OK, captured both tapes (~70m footage), I’m just doing a minor encoding test to see which encode looks better and should have some of it up by tomorrow night.

I’m still open to images for a title screen.

These will be up shortly:

  • [media=youtube]gV1Gn9gfTJ8[/media]: scrubbydan vs deezo
  • [media=youtube]4-uBl4AenrU[/media]: scrubbydan vs deezo

You may ask why I didn’t encode the previous Marvel videos at this higher quality: the answer is in part because I’m a retard.

Video unavailble, Zachdizzle?

I really want to watch that because I missed it in person, so I am sure it’s bomb… as well as the rest of the matches.

^-- You missed the word ‘shortly’. I get the links 5-10 minutes before they’re fully live. Patience, they’ll show up shortly. :smile:

OK, the rest of the matches other than Loser’s Finals (Mandel vs Peachy) are up now-

title screen?

Title screen still TBD.
I just like to have something at the beginning so you know where a file came from and realize it’s not just some magic one-off work.