Preppy's July 4th Jamboree (?)

So tentatively I was thinking that on July 4th instead of the normal shindig we could have more of a bar-b-que / jamboree, maybe start a little earlier, etc, use the nearby sport court to eat at, something like that. It’d actually be a pretty regular/normal-ish event as opposed to the normal really late night stuff since, hey, it is a holiday and most people probably have the day off.

Does this sound interesting to people?

This is presuming the weather is good…
It’d potentially be open to everybody and be more of a block party than anything.

you know what’s bomb is that i should get july 4th off by default (it falls on a friday), I will bring some of that bomb ass pansit though

I find this interesting!


I think this will be the first summer that I will be staying up in Seattle after school gets out so I’d be down for meeting the local gamers around here. You guys pretty inviting to new folks?

Interesting? I think it sounds great, a nice chunky bbq, chowtime rollin over into gamenight. I think it would be good to get out and get some fresh air and chillax before prime time. :slight_smile:

Maybe if we get enough replies quick enough we can get together a donation pot and like a list of good things to get? (just sparkin some ideas)

I was pretty new and they havent hung me yet.

YET… =p

Maybe we should set it up as like a potluck or something? That way Zach doesn’t have to provide the food, drinks, entertainment, and housing all by himself. But of course we are all slackers at <3 so maybe that isn’t a good idea either.

Thats what i was thinkin, have everyone chip in like 10 or so bucks, and make a nice list or like frank said potluck. It would a nicer way to set that up.

That sounds like a good idea Frank.

yea this should be cool. I like your style of thinkin my friend.