Prepurchasing SFV on steam question


First, I read the sticky threads and multiple other threads and could not find any definite answer

If I prepurchase SFV on Steam right now can I play the game at all or will it just sit in my library until release? I want to buy it but I don’t want to spend $60 on a few words in my game library until Feb 16th. Thanks in advance.



That did absolutely nothing and wasn’t even relevant to the discussion. Thank you for your sarcasm. I know when SFV releases. If you arent answering the question why even comment?


If the release date is Feb 16th, of course you cant play the game till then.

If you want to play in the beta, thats a different question. Which you didnt ask.


Actually that was implied in my original post. Obviously you didn’t read it and think before replying.


That…that is weird.


Very weird. lol


You may be able to play the game if they choose put the beta up live again, usually it is just a night or 2.

There is no set schedule and they choose what characters are playable.
They post it here when the servers go live(so then you can play if they do):