Prescription for saltiness

Hey guys, I was just wondering if you guys ever have “off” days on your game? Losing to people you know you could beat but just couldn’t for whatever reason that day. Leaving you mad salty. What do some of you do to cope? Do you keep playing? Take a break? Throw your stick out the window?! Let me know, as I was having a horrible time today and just rage quit on my xbox for a bit haha.

I’m sorry if a thread like this has already been posted, I tried looking… Really if there is mah bad.

Deep breaths.

Go outside, clear your head, smoke a cigarette (or don’t). Take someone out with you and just spill it out - the more pissed off you are the better.
Works for me. Salty cigarettes are the best cigarettes.

If my wife is around i usually bang her rather then banging my stick, it makes me relax and forget that i suck.

This either implies spousal abuse or modding a fleshlight into your stick, not sure which one you should be more ashamed of =P

+1 for have a smoke

I strongly think this is something you can just control mentally. Just think, whats the point of getting mad? It won’t change anything, and is more likely to just make you play worse. Furthermore, what difference does it make if you lose? There’s nothing on the line online or in casuals. Even in tournament, the only thing it accomplishes is making you look like an ass. If you’re having a night where you are playing bad, just re evaluate why you’re losing, and change it. Make adjustments. It should be a learning experience. Sure, there are people that play in an antagonistic way, but its not worth getting worked up over.

I remember once when I was in this super training mode over the course of a couple months really trying to get better, and in a tournament I lost to someone from judgment (3s mechanic that decides the outcome of a double KO randomly), and I was so heated. A little while later I realized, why get so angry? All it does is make my opponent think I’m a dick.

Listen to music and go back to the replay to see what you did wrong.

Once you realize losing is part of the game, it won’t upset you as much.

For every loss, consider it a win for yourself IF you see what you did wrong and then learn from your mistakes. With this mentality, you’ll never allow yourself to be incensed over a video game.

But don’t think you’re alone in this. Every has off days, even pros and professional athletes. It comes with the territory.

i take a moment to think of what my failing points on the last match were, then try and analyze how the other player is coming at me. that helps alot. other times i just power up and kick the poo out who ever im fighting. happened to me at a city sf4 tourney. we were on xbox360, and im really a ps guy, so i was getting it handed to me, and then on the last round i just lost it and destroyed the guy i was playing. sometimes you just need some productive rage, other times you take a step back. the trick it to analyze the fights, and your self and then act accordingly. if your crazy raged, calm down, if your asleep at the switch, get fired up. :woot: it’s happened to the best of us so hang in there.

I listen to “Glory Days” by Just Jack. As soon as I hear that whistling, my saltiness is long gone.

It depends. More times than not, when I’m salty, I just put things in perspective and realize that I’m going to lose battles no matter what; even if I thought I was teching the throw that somehow beat me, or if my anti-air was stopped by the guy jumping in when I clearly had victory in my hands. Once that’s done, I just think of the days when I’m really on my game and understand that bad days will come and go.

Laugh it off. When I miss a combo with Seth or do a meaty and get reversal ultra’d, there’s nothing to do besides laugh at the damage. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Turtle against shitty players and work on your reactions. If you can’t because of lag, quit playing online.

though turtling is fucked by lag, it’s possibly to turtle solidly, especially if you realize that your opponent is afflicted by the same lag you’re facing. maybe I should write a lag tactics 101


I keep playing till I win. I feel a lot better after that.

Smoke weed. Seriously.

Stop playing for a bit. If I’m out playing and I realize I’m just doing bad, I usually just play less that day. Come back next week and try again. If it’s consistent I just kinda re-evaluate my play.

Do something else
thats not a competition
forget about it
come back the next day

(if your at a friends house, clear your mind, sit back and watch)