Present MSP?

I used to play msp religiously, then i quit playing Mvc2 all together. Now im kinda getting back into the game. And was just checking in to see if things have drastically changed since last I played.

How does MSP stand now a day’s compared to the other “top” teams?
Scrub, Santhrax, and Row(?)
Can a really good mag/psy effectively rush a really good sent/capcom?
Any good strats against the top teams would be appreciated. :angel:

yeah MSP is good but row/santhrax is better imo. magpsy could beat sent/capcom but i think it relies to much on a snap.

when you play msp you gotta finish what you start ALL THE TIME or else you’re done

You think row is better. Even without an AA?

So basically get down the execution? What if there’s a break in the Rush and the sent cap has time to recoupe(sp), and start zoning.

Thx in advance fellas

they shouldn’t, basicly msp vs santrax equals msp rushing, santrax zone, when you get in, snapback into commando, gaurdbreak…rom…death…repeat

btw magmaniac…best advice ever.

I’ll break it down according to my experiences, you guys add on to what i said or correct it please.

MSP vs Santhrax: MSP rushes while thrax(normally starting Sent in this case) zones. MSP wins when you snap in cap and keep him in there for the kill. Other than that, it is an uphill battle for MSP.

MSP vs Row: Well this is kinda a 50/50. MSP loses if they run into assists too much. But they can also win this as well. I’m not too familiar with this matchup so peeps ya’ll help me.

MSP vs Scrub: This is kinda like the match with santhrax, but in this case, the user has to start Sent to win. MSP chances of winning are increased by snapping in CapCom, but still has a tough battle with Cable/Sent-Y

You guys add on to this please.

hmm row vs msp can go either way actually. Psylocke hits sent away usually …


after thinking about it for a little bit… its all up to who is playing

ill take mag/psy over mag/sentinel anyday. meaning i like msp over mss and row.

if the guy is smart, you wont kill the opponent’s psy with ur rocket punch/fierce attacks into DHCing into hail. psy will just be all over u and ur getting rushed by mag so ur going to have to play really safe.

if you feel confident in your mag, go for msp. but if your storm/sentinel is better use mss. you wont come back/completely own anyone with storm/psy. imo storm/psy is just to buy time and keep your lead that mag should have.

vs team scrub starting with cable isnt soo easy. there are good cables around here that wont spam capcom all day. drones keep mag from constantly coming in. well plance grenades, gunshots and lp viper beams support drones too. only thing is that cable gets corner easily, and when you are there, you most likely arent getting out. when u get him there just watch out for drones/capcom because if you get hit that gives him the opening to get out. get him to the corner and peace him out.

vs team scrub starting with sentinel is really hard vs a sentinel that knows what they’re doing. you most likely wont get chipped to death, so just try and not get hit and run into unnecessary things, because usually they lead to big damage. you should have a good 80% before u get 4/5 meters so storm doesnt have to get them herself.

vs santhrax starting with storm depends on how good you are. if you are good, you will win, crossing storm up. jump over commando and normal tri jump with psylocke there. if you ever hit, snap them out, kill commando, and run. storm/sentinel isnt a bad combo and its far from over so never get confident.

thx fellas!

Like I said before I use msp.
If my opponet is playing sent/ cap, my magneto is usually dead within 20 seconds.
Any strats for storm/ psy aginst sent/ cap, cyke, cable?